Why Lingzhi (Ganoderma) and Bee Pollen are best friend?

best-friendIf you have been reading some of the health stories / testimonies of this blog, you must observe that almost all the recommendation is to take both Lingzhi and Bee Pollen together. Ever wonder why? 🙂

You see, Lingzhi is a functional health food, not nutritional health food. One of Lingzhi’s special ability is cell-level detoxification. Thus, the cell now became ‘clean’ but without much nutrient. But, Lingzhi does not have much nutrient since it is not categorized as nutritional health food. This is where bee pollen came in, because bee pollen has over 200 kinds of nutrients. The Nutritional Composition of Natural Pollen:

  1. 16 types of vitamins.
  2. 22 types of amino acids.
  3. 16 types of minerals.
  4. 94 types of enzymes (including co-enzymes).
  5. 28 types of nucleic acids and more than 200 types of other nutrients including carbohydrate.

“U.S. Department of Agriculture has stated that bee pollen is the most nutritious food we can eat.”

There was lab test done and the result was remarkable (Source):

“In the untreated mice [the mice not given bee pollen], mammary tumors appeared as expected at an average of 31.3 weeks. Tumor incidence was 100 percent. In the postponement series, [the mice given bee pollen], the average [onset of tumors] was 41.1 weeks, a delay of 9.8 weeks being obtained. Seven mice in this series were still tumor-free at 56 to 62 weeks of age, when the tests were terminated. I would like to emphasize that these mice were especially bred to die from cancerous tumors. Without the protection of bee pollen in their food, the mice developed tumors and died right on schedule.”

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