World’s Largest Manufacturer of Lingzhi (Ganoderma) products

The first Lingzhi Technology Professional R & D Team in the world

The Bio-tech Development Research Institute of Shuang Hor Group is supported by a team of experts specializing on high-tech instruments and relentlessly engaging in precision inspections and experimentation programs,

The world’s largest Lingzhi Technology Park, the home to 5-star Lingzhi Greenhouse Farm

Yung Kien Factory is the world’s largest professional manufacturer of Lingzhi products, occupying a total area of some 21,000 square meters (the size of about 50 basketball courts)

Monitored by computer-aided operations throughout the entire cultivation process, Lingzhi Greenhouse Farm puts in place an environment that is far more superior than those of natural settings. It features the provision of constant humidity, unchanging temperature, and uniform concentration of carbon dioxide most conductive to optimal growth, thus enabling the production of Lingzhi raw materials of consistently topmost quality and highest yield, making it the largest and the most advanced Lingzhi professional farm in the world.


Traditional Ling Zhi farm are often affected by the ever-changing environment (i.e. humidity, temperature and sunlight). As a solution, this Technological Lingzhi Greenhouse farm was built. Let’s check out this video to see the process of producing a good quality ling zhi.


The Best Facilities

Complete with largest and most advanced Lingzhi extraction and concentration facilities in the world, notably the precision Vacuum Freeze Dying System imported from Germany and sophisticated purification equipments of Sweden, Yung Kien Factory boasts a production capacity that meets the enormous demand of the global market.

The Highest Quality 

  1. Certificate of Halal (The Juridical Body of The Chinese Muslim Association Taichung Mosque, Taiwan).
  2. Winner of the 1997 “Excellence Award for Food GHP (Good Hygienic Practices)” presented by the Health Department of Taiwan Provincial Government.
  3. Granted accreditation seal and certificate by Japan Health Food and Nutritional Food Association (JHFNA).
  4. Taiwan’s first manufacturing plant to have complied with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) inspection standards recognized by the Health Ministry of Malaysia.
  5. Awarded the International Standard for Quality Assurance ISO-9002 Accreditation (No. BVQ145318) as early in 1998.
  6. Presented the “2000 National Bio-Tech and Medical Care Quality Award” in December 2000.
  7. Awarded the International Standard for Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 Accreditation (No. 79525).
  8. Winner of the 2001 “Merit of Food GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Promotion Award” presented by the Tainan Country Industrial Association.
  9. Yung Kien Ganoderma was awarded “Immune-modulation Health Food Accreditation” (No. A00003) in July 2000 and “Liver-protection Health Food Accreditation” (No. A00015) in April 2001, both by the Health Department of Taiwan Provincial Government, with the two accreditations subsequently merged under one (No. A00003) in 2010.
  10. Yung Kien Ganoderman in capsule form was awarded “Food GMP Accreditation” (No. 991100021) in September 2002. The same product in aluminium foil was subsequently awarded “Food GMP Accreditation” (No. 9900110002) in 2008. Both were upgraded to “GMP Functional Food Accreditation” (No. 260019901 for capsules and No. 260019902 for aluminium foil) in October of the year.
  11. Double Crane Divine Ganoderma was first awarded the “Anti-aging Accreditation” on 15th in 2005 by the Health Department of Taiwan Provincial Government and the first ever “Allergic Constitution Auxiliary Modulation Health Food Accreditation” on 15th June 2009, with the two accreditations subsequently merged under one (No. A000069) by the Health Department.
  12. Awarded the International Standard for Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 in 2010.


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