The Choice of “alcoholism” or “freedom”?

Any insight you can get from this animation? Maybe you can watch the video first before reading my comment below:

I think the bird represent “freedom” while that glass creature represent “alcoholism”. If we choose to break free from “alcoholism” or any damaging “addiction”, we become the bird, free from any bad entanglement.

If we choose “alcoholism” or any damaging “addiction”, our life will be like this glass creature, which will so fragile and be broken (die) so easily.

During our life journey, the choice will still be there, as the bird came in this man’s life also few times. So, we can still make the right choice even if we fail to make the right one in the beginning.

What about you? What can you learn from this animation? Any insight you would like to share? Feel free to comment here.

p/s another animation which I find it connected.