Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) (36 years old)

In 16 Jul 07, Miss O (age of 36) had a flu attack and also felt severed pain on fingers, both wrists and stiffed neck in the morning. Her fingers could not open up, painful like an old woman who tried to do stretching. GP doctor suspected her stiffness of hand is due to Rheumatoid Arthritis or SLE. He suggested her to do a thorough blood test. While waiting for her blood test result, she increased her dosage of lingzhi and bee pollen from 4 capsules of lingzhi and 8 capsules of bee pollen to 30 Lingzhi /  60 Pollen, she experienced tiredness and felt very sleepy and also several times of diarrheas.

On 20 Jul 07, results shows that she have positive Anti-DNA, which means there is some immune system reaction going on. She were prescribed with painkiller and 10mg of Predinsolene (Steroid) initially and increased to 25mg of Predinsolene on 26 Jul 07, at the same time she increased her dosage of Lingzhi from 30 Lingzhi / 60 Pollen to 60Lingzhi/150Pollen. The common side effects of Steroid are moon-face, swollen leg, hungry feeling but she did not experience any of these side effects while taking together with lingzhi and bee pollen.

On 10 Aug 07, she went to see a Rheumatologist in TTS Hospital. Blood test result (Report A) showed that the Anti-ds-DNA was 400 (normal <100), which showed the symptom of SLE attack. Her white blood cell was also on the high side. The Rheumatologist said that stiffness on the hand was not due to SLE attack; it was probably Trigger Finger (one may have if used keyboard for long). The doctor didn’t think it was SLE attack but because of the positive on Anti-ds-DNA, he would treat her as a SLE patient. He prescribed 10mg steroid (5 mg each in the morning and night) and also Plaquenia (Anti Malaria medicine, good for SLE patient). She still continued to take 60Lingzhi/150Pollen daily.

In Feb 08, the Anti-ds-DNA has dropped to 154. She sought for second opinion to the Rheumatologist in Gleneagles’ Hospital. She did a blood test on 5 Feb 08, and the result (Report B) showed that C-Reactive Prot is 21 (Normal: 0-10) and white blood cell was high and also ESR (inflammation) is 22 (Normal 0-15). He prescribed her 15mg of steorod, Plaquenia (Anti Malaria medicine) and also MTX (take weekly, good for Luekemia and SLE patient), also painkiller and muscle relaxant. She continued to take 60Lingzhi/60Pollen. She had not encounter the side effect of MTX, e.g. bruising, nausea and diarrhea. She felt better with only mild stiffness when she wake up in the morning and slight pain at the back of her knee when she slept late at night.

In Mar 08, all the results improved, she had no more inflammation and lesser C-Reactive Prot. Every time when she went for Blood test, she had to do Liver test (possibility of added toxin to the liver by the western medication), Kidney test (possibility of SLE attack to the kidney) and red and white blood test (to make sure the western medication does not lower her haemoglobin and white blood cells is under control). She felt scared whenever the doctor shows her results but she has strong belief that with the high dosage of lingzhi and bee pollen she was taking, it was capable to counteract with the side effect of the western medicine. In Apr 08, she has reduced her steroid to 3 mg at night and the blood test results still improving. She is still taking 20Lingzhi/40Pollen.

On 6 Jul 08, the blood test (Report C) shows that her Anti-ds-DNA is negative and the Rheumatologist was surprised and amazed with such a good results, because before that he told her that, it might need to take 2-3 years to prevent flare and recover.

Compiled by Ching Tong on 12 August 2008