Sugar & Cancer – by Dr Jeff Donatello & Dr Thomas Rau

Dr Thomas Rau (Chief Medical Director) – “The Effects of Sugar on Cancer Cells” on 23th November 2013 (New York).

Sugar feeds the cancer cells. Cancer cells only metabolise sugar. They (Cancer cells) cannot metabolise oxygen … they hate oxygen so much but they love sugar.” Dr Thomas Rau.

Brian Clement – “Sugar Consumption and Cancer”

Both white and fruit sugar (fructose) feeds cancer cells. He said, “85% of the fruit consumption we eat today didn’t exist in century ago. They have been hybrid. Pretty much man made and they hybrid them, they tend to make them sweeter and sweeter”. Reason? The sweeter, the better the sales.

Dr Josh Axe – “How Sugar Can Cause Cancer”

Dr. Kieron Rooney – ‘Sugar and Cancer – Bench to Bedside’

sugarDr. Kieron Rooney, BSc (Hons); (RNutr.); PhD, is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney. He completed his PhD in Biochemistry in 2004 and for the past 10 years has investigated both human and small animal studies investigating

Dr Jeff Donatello – “Why Cancer Loves Sugar”

Dr Jeff Donatello – “Medicinal Mushrooms and Cancer”

Reishi (Lingzhi) is a proven potent activator of interferon, interleukins, tumor necrosis factor (TNF), natural killer cells (NK), T lymphocytes, tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL’s) and lymphokine activated killer cells (LAK)” Dr Jeff Donatello