Suffer gout problem at 27 yrs old. Uric acid 9.9mg/dL

Summary: Suffer gout problem at 27 yrs old, Uric acid 9.9mg/dL, Take LZ + avoid alcohol, cure his gout problem within a year

At 27 years old, newly married, out of sudden suffer from waist pain, have to lay on bed and cannot get up. Visit TCM, doing Acupuncture and Tui na massage for a few month, not
much improvement. The pain seriously affect his daily routine and work, doing blood test, found out that uric acid 9.9mg/dL, doctor diagnose as gout problem, start to take
pain killer. However he strongly dislike western treatment, therefore decide to take up
his friend proposal, i.e. Lingzhi treatment. His friend also advice him to stop his drinking habit, i.e. totally stop alcohol intake. He then follow the advice and took 6 Lingzhi and 12-16 Pollen daily and avoid alcohol.

Vertigo reaction for 1 month: tiredness, can sleep whole day still feel tired, can sleep on sitting position. After 1 year, uric acid drop till 7mg/dL which is within normal range and no
more re-occurrence of gout. For maintenance, he took 3-6 Lingzhi and 6-12 Pollen daily.

Beside that, his wife and him will do a Lingzhi “scanning” every year, i.e. taking 20 Lingzhi and 40 Pollen daily for one month.