Suffer gout problem at 25 years old. Uric acid > 14mg/dL

Summary: Suffer gout problem at 25 years old. Uric acid > 14mg/dL. Take Lingzhi for 3 months and cure his 5 yrs gout nightmare. 

Since young, like to take meat, seafood, fried chicken, etc. During university period, frequent exercise, although uric acid is about 8~9mg/dL (slight higher than normal), but not much problem. However during final year, less exercise, also more stress, unhealthy diet, start to have gout problem, uric acid raise till 12mg/dL, start to take medicine and control diet. Gout problem under control. After graduate, join in the workforce, due to stress level increase, workload increase, gout problem re-occurrence, about 3 times a year, uric acid shot
up to 14.3mg/dL. During this period, he got girlfriend and plan to marry, but his mother in law want him to gain back his health problem first.

Therefore he start to take LIngzhi 20 capsules and pollen 20 capsules daily (divide into 4
times/day, i.e. take 5 Lingzhi and 5 pollen before meal and before sleep) continuously for 3 months. Vertigo reaction after 1 week: Rashes last for 3 to 5 days. Vertigo reaction after 2 week: tiredness, can sleep from 6pm to 9am, happen once every week for about 12 weeks. After 3 months, uric acid drop till 6.7mg/dL which is within the normal range. Beside that, Lingzhi also cure his fatty liver problem, bring back his liver functionality and recovered from his back pain problem. For maintenance, took 6 Lingzhi and 6 Pollen daily.