Slim down from 97 KG to 75 KG (25 years old from Johor)

Obesity had been my trademark since my childhood. In primary 6, my weight
already hit 63Kg. It shot up to 97Kg by the time I completed my secondary studies,
earning me the nickname of “fatty” among people around me. I was so fat that
it became very difficult for me to buy the clothing I love, as XXXL Size for nice
garments could hardly be found anywhere. With my self-esteem badly eroded,
losing those extra kilos had always been my major pursuit. I had attempted many
approaches, including putting myself on a diet, taking slimming tea, and consuming
those so-called fiber products sold in the market. Though my weight did go down
to 94Kg, the lost fat would come back again as soon as I slacked about working
on it. Worse yet, other health problems like stomach trouble and constipation also
started to crop up.

In August 2006, I commenced a 4-month weight-loss program counting on
Jia Hor Hi-Fibre and Jia Hor Instant Soya Protein Powder. For the first week, I
took no solid food but 2 sachets of Hi-Fibre and 1 sachet of Protein Powder for
breakfast and 1 sachet of each for lunch and dinner. From the second week onward,
I increased the intake to 2 sachets of Hi-Fibre and 1 sachet of Protein Powder for
breakfast, 1 sachet of Hi-Fibre and 2 sachets of Protein Powder for lunch, and
1 sachet each of the products for dinner. At a later stage, along with the same
amounts of consumption, I would take some non-fried food 30 minutes later for
breakfast and lunch and mostly vegetarian soup for dinner.

By the end of the program, I managed to get rid of a massive 22Kg and
bid goodbye to stomach trouble and constipation. Those who know me started
commenting that I not only slimmed down noticeably, but also looked prettier with
my skin more radiant, finer, and smoother. Now that with my XXXL Size restored
to L Size, my self-esteem is back. Having regained health on top of losing all the
unwanted fat, you really can’t think of anything that I could take greater delight in,
can you?