Slim down from 106 KG to 71 KG (32 years old from Penang)

I started growing fatter and fatter from age 10. My bodyweight skyrocketed to 106Kg
when I was only 17 years old. This unusual overweight problem of mine was due to
hormonal imbalance, which also caused me frequent bouts of delayed menstruation at
times only once in 6 months. At age 30, my condition became so bad that a stranger
would most likely mistake me for a clumsy old man!

In March 2006, I began consuming Ganoderma and Pollen. 3 months later, my
menstruation restored to normal, with the bonus of losing 8Kg. From then on, I resolved
to cut down as much weight as I could! For the first week, I underwent a course of
fasting. In place of normal meals, I merely prepared 3 bags each of Lu Chun Lingzhi Tea and Jia Hor Gynostemma Herbal Tea as my daily beverage, apart from 1 sachet of Hi-Fibre and 2 sachets of Protein Powder 3 times a day, in addition to 10 capsules of Ganoderma and 30 capsules of Pollen. This resulted in a further reduction of 5Kg. Following this, I persisted with having the same fasting course once every 3 months. Besides, I also avoided taking oily or fried food but increased my intake of fruits and vegetables. 8 months later, I lost 25Kg and, for the first time in my life, I could buy a skirt for myself! In order to firm up my muscular tissues, I also used Vcare Refreshing Body Gel and Vcare Hand & Body Lotion for my twice-a-day massage workout. Again,it worked–with my vital statistics refined from 46C/44″/58″ to38D/32″/44″. Up till today, I have succeeded in slashing away a total of 35Kg. Many of my friends now describe me as being totally different from who I used to be. I really am grateful to the marvellous products of Shuang Hor, for they have helped me regain health, confidence, and -most importantly-my true identify as a woman!