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In the year 1987, a group of Taiwanese entrepreneurs who shared the ideals of promoting physical well-being among the masses through the research and development of quality Lingzhi products established a company called Double Crane Enterprise. They also envisaged the participation of individuals who cherished big dreams to build a business of limitless abundance. The Company has since 1996 been restructured and is now officially known as Shuang Hor Group.

The founding objective of Shuang Hor Group is to help the global community attain wellness of the mind and body with its production of various products of natural ingredients and top-grade quality. To achieve this end, it provides people who aspire to build a business of their own with an entrepreneurial opportunity, which involves marketing the excellent products of Shuang Hor Group to consumers from all walks of life through a proven modus operandi of a modern approach, thereby attaining optimal health and financial independence.









Taiwan Double Crane Enterprise was founded in July 1987. Today, it has become one of the most successful network marketing companies in Taiwan, in addition to being a corporate citizen with great potential and vision for dynamic growth. The founding objective of Double Crane Enterprise is to provide people who aspire to build a business of their own with an entrepreneurial opportunity, which involves marketing the excellent products of the Company to consumers from all walks of life through a proven modus operandi of a modern approach, thereby attaining optimal health and financial independence.

Double Crane Enterprise operates on the premise of Two Major Principles. First, all schemes of the Company are designed by setting distributors' rights and benefits as the top priority. Second, distributors are provided with the best in terms of products, services, and schemes.

Taiwan - Double Crane Enterprise (Taiwan) Co. Ltd


Shuang Hor (Japan) Co. Ltd. was established on June 1996. With the company's high quality products, fair and equitable bonus scheme, professional management expertise, earnest after-sale services, and trustworthy business philosophy, it has established popular impression and a reputable professional image amongst the local consumers.

Today, the distributors' operations are keen while the number of distributors has been ever increasing. In short, the business is expanding at a speedy and yet steady pace. We strongly believe that the success of Shuang Hor Japan in the country's network marketing industry will be the best testimony to prove the popularity of Shuang Hor's products worldwide.

Japan - Shuang Hor (Japan) Co. Ltd.


Established in August 1999, Shuang Hor Enterprise (Thailand) Co. Ltd. is strategically located in the booming commercial hub of Bangkok. Within these few years since its establishment, the Company's business has been growing from strength to strength while each series of quality products has won profuse praises among the local consumers. Consequently, more and more people from all walks of life aspiring to run their own business have been attracted to join Shuang Hor Business.

We strongly believe that with Shuang Hor's comprehensive range of quality products, our unique distributors' education system, fair and equitable bonus scheme as well as business philosophy, coupled with the propagation of "Shuang Hor Values" that show enthusiasm and passion to life, there will be a brighter future in Thailand and the day of success is not far off.

Thailand - Shuang Hor Enterprise (Thailand) Co. Ltd.


Shuang Hor (Singapore) Pte Ltd has gone official effective 3rd October 2002. The Company is strategically located at the hub of Singapore's major light industries and commercial estate, which is served by a highly efficient traffic system assessable from all directions, making it an ideal base to do business.

Ever since the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore amended its Multi-level Marketing and Pyramid Selling Order 2001, the local direct sales industry is progressing at a dynamic pace of development and growth. It is strongly believed that with Shuang Hor's comprehensive range of quality products in addition to its equitable rewarding schemes that are fair to all concerned, we can rest assured that Singapore shall be the star market of promising future.

Singapore - Shuang Hor (Singapore) Pte Ltd


Shuang Hor (B) Sdn Bhd was established on 23rd September 2004. The comprehensive range of Shuang Hor health-care products of top-grade quality is made available to help people regain and maintain optimal health. On the other, Shuang Hor Business offers the golden opportunity for individuals from all walks of life to build an enterprising and fulfilling career. As far as our distributors in Malaysia and Singapore are concerned, the most recent market expansion program extended into Brunei has created a new market and leverage for them to further develop their Shuang Hor Business through domestic sponsoring efforts in their home countries.

Brunei - Shuang Hor (B) Sdn Bhd


Hong Kong is always the centre of Asia finance and the stepping stone of advancing to mainland China for multi-national enterprises. In order to get the synergy of globalization and make the unparalleled business opportunity of Lingzhi Kingdom, Shuang Hor Group has already set up her Hong Kong branch office in 2004. It is envisaged that Shuang Hor Hong Kong will soar ever greater heights through the concerted efforts made by all the distributors in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong - Shuang Hor (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.


Reputed as an archipelago nation boasting the longest stretch of oceanic territory in the world, Indonesia has a population of 220 million, which is the forth largest after China, India, and the United States of America. It is yet another enormous market earmarked for replicable success by Shuang Hor Group through Shuang Hor Malaysia as its regional stronghold. PT. Shuang Hor Indonesia is strategically located at a commercial hub in Indonesia's capital city Jakarta, which is home to a whopping 13 million people. Its efficient traffic system that offers great accessibility, prosperous industrial ecology and vibrant commerce activities, as well as strong purchasing power of the local urbanites have turned it into an ideal site to do business.

While Shuang Hor's comprehensive range of top-grade products are expected to bring healthy lives to people here from all walks of life, its fair and equitable marketing plan that features a good number of lucrative rewarding programs now makes available a golden opportunity of free enterprise for the vast populace of Indonesia. All in all, these many ingredients of competitive advantage are set to boost the dynamic progress of Shuang Hor Indonesia to tap on the limitless abundance that the country has to offer.

Indonesia - PT. Shuang Hor Indonesia


Myanmar, the Land of Pagodas, is a member of ASEAN and has a population of about 60 million. Capitalizing on its quality products and marvellous marketing plan, this translates into the opening up of yet another enormous overseas market for the distributor networks in Malaysia and Singapore, and also an entrepreneurial opportunity for the people of Myanmar. Strategically located at China Town of Yangon, Double Crane Myanmar enjoys an ideal office setting with vibrant commercial activities and convenient traffic.

Myanmar - Double Crane (Myanmar) Co., Ltd.