Rest In Peace

funeralOne of my friend just passed away from terminal stage cancer. What happen is, he has completed his chemotherapy beginning of this year. I remember that we approach him to consider Lingzhi because this herb could help him to deal with cancer but he rejected because of financial constraints. About 2 months ago, he realized that the cancer relapsed (reoccurred) and reached 4th stage (terminal stage). That time, he again recommended Lingzhi as alternative medicine. But this time, he gave it a try.

Although Lingzhi has treated many cancer patients, in my heart I knew that a relapsed terminal stage cancer is very aggressive and thus very challenging to deal with. Few days ago, sad news came. He couldn’t make it and pass away.

Reminder to we all is, in spite Lingzhi and Nutrition treatment has been useful to treat many chronic diseases, the best and most effective treatment is still EARLY PREVENTION and DETECTION.

Monitor and have ‘maintenance’ plan for our health from time to time. The few hundred spent every month on supplement for health maintenance is nothing compare to RM 500,000 full blown cancer treatment.