Research Paper – Ganoderma lucidum inhibits tumour cell proliferation and induces tumour cell death

Research done by Yi-Zhen Xie a,1, Sen-Zhu Li a,1, Albert Yee c, David P. La Pierre c,d, Zhaoqun Deng c, Daniel Y. Lee c,d, Qing-Ping Wu a, Qi Chen a, Chong Li a, Zhi Zhang a, Jun Guo a, Zide Jiang b, Burton B. Yang c,

a Guangdong Institute of Microbiology, Guangdong Academy of Sciences, 100 Central Xian-Lie Road, Guangzhou, China b Department of Plant Pathology, South China Agricultural University, 483 Wu-Shan Road, Guangzhou, China c Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, 2075 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, Canada M4N 3M5 d Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ont., Canada

Received 18 March 2005; received in revised form 8 October 2005; accepted 11 October 2005