Shuang Hor Product – Yung Kien Bee Pollen

Yung Kien Pollen 

  • Content: 150 Capsules/Bottle
  • Major constituent: 100% Bee Pollen

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Badan kita memerlukan khasiat yang cukup dan seimbang untuk mengekalkan fungsi fisiologi yang normal. Debunga mengandungi pelbagai jenis khasiat yang diperlukan oleh badan. Ia bersifat semula jadi dan dianggap sebagai makanan berkhasiat yang paling sempurna. Yung Kien Pollen ialah debunga lebah 100% semula jadi. Ia dihasilkan oleh bahan mentah berkualiti tinggi yang terpilih dengan teliti. Ia sangat mudah diserap dan dipergunakan oleh badan kita.

  1. Mengandungi 3 jenis kandungan utama iaitu Asid Amino, vitamin dan mineral, terutamanya kaya dengan vitamin B kompleks, kandungannya adalah beberapa kali ganda lebih banyak daripada produk debunga yang lain.
  2. Debunga kaya berkhasiat. Ia digelar “makanan sempurna” kerana dapat membekalkan khasiat menyeluruh yang diperlukan oleh badan, membentuk pertahanan yang kuat untuk mencegah penyakit.
  3. Bahan mentah dipilih dari bahan debunga yang berkualiti, kemudian dihasilkan dengan teknologi yang canggih.
  4. Ia berwarna kuning keemasan, tiada bendasing, berbau wangi dan bersifat lembut, ia sesuai dimakan oleh semua orang termasuk orang tua dan kanak-kanak.
  5. Tiada bau hanyir atau bersifat kasar seperti produk debunga yang lain. Ia berkualiti tinggi berbanding dengan produk debunga yang lain.

All diseases are related to deficiency of minerals.” Prof. Dr. Linus Pauling (2 times Nobel Prize Winner from USA)



Human body needs sufficient and balanced nutrients to perform regular physiological functions. Pollen is in possession of a wide spectrum of nutrients needed by the human body in addition to being a purely natural formulation, it is thus regarded as the most ideal and complete food of wholesome nutrition. Yung Kien Pollen is formulated using 100% natural bee pollens that are painstakingly collected and selected from the best of raw ingredients, therefore facilitating easier absorption and utilisation by the human body.

  1. The nutrients found in Yung Kien Pollen can be broadly classified into 3 categories, namely amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Among them all, the B group vitamins are so abundant that they are many times more than those of other Pollen products.
  2. As Pollen features a full spectrum of nutrients, it is aptly known as the “Complete Food” that allows you to replenish all the nutrients your body needs to build a strong bodily resistance.
  3. Yung Kien Pollen is formulated through the most stringent technological processes using selected pollen grains of the highest grade.
  4. With its superior attributes in terms of colour, aroma, taste, and flavour, it certainly is a perfect choice for all age groups.
  5. It is free from the fishy smell and sandy taste commonly associated with most of the Pollen products, thus boasting a quality in a class of its own.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. On the packaging, bottle, and the leaflet insert of Yung Kien Pollen, we can see the Important Notes stating that bee pollen may cause severe allergic reactions. What does this imply?
    A:This is a requirement imposed by the Health Ministry of the Malaysian government on all bee-related health care products, including pollen, royal jelly, and propolis.
  2. Will the consumption of pollen trigger the onset of hay fever?
    A: The cause of hay fever can be traced to wind-pollinated floral species, which feature tiny and light pollen grains. Upon inhalation, these air-borne pollen grains become antigens that readily adhere to the mucous membrane of our trachea, leading to allergic reactions.On the other hand, the pollen grains for consumption purposes are sourced from bee-pollinated floral species. These pollen grains are much heavier and hence do not cause allergic reactions. More so, they help tone down the irritation brought about by their air-borne counterpart. As such, you can rest assured that the consumption of Yung Kien Pollen will not trigger the onset of hay fever.
  3. Of the 3 bee-related products -pollen, honey, and royal jelly – which one has the highest health-enhancing benefits?
    A: Pollen is the most complete health food among them all. This is because pollen offers the richest and most varied nutrients, which are available in proportions closest to what is needed by the human body. In contrast, honey comprises mostly starches and has very low contents of other nutrients such as minerals and proteins. As for royal jelly, while it does contain proteins, minerals, starches, and fats, they are available in proportions that are not even close to what is needed by the human body. That explains why pollen is the most efficacious compared with honey and royal jelly.
  4. The multi-vitamin pills sold in the market today generally contain minerals and other nutrients in addition to vitamins. How do they match up to pollen products?
    A: The multi-vitamin pills sold in the market today are mostly made up of synthetic nutrients that cannot be completely assimilated and metabolized by the human body. In fact, some of the sub-standard ones may even incur burden to the body or, worse yet, cause poisoning. As pollen is a natural health food, it does not bring about any known side effect with its daily consumption. There is no restriction as to the consumption amount because it will never accumulate in the body or cause discomfort. It must also be highlighted that pollen offers a complete spectrum of nutrients that can be readily assimilated and utilized by the body.
  5. Is there any contra-indication associated with the consumption of pollen?
    A: The consumption of pollen does not come with any contra-indication. You can consume it directly or wash it down with boiled water, fruit juice, milk, and other beverages, except that you should not cook it or mix it in boiling water, so that the bioactive amino acids and bioactive enzymes in it are not destroyed and its health-giving benefits remain intact.