Positive Mentality – ‘It is just little tuition fee only’

One of my collectibles is money. But, hey I am not that ‘rich’ at the same time. Please don’t kidnap me 😀 The little old notes or coins I have are mainly Malaysia old coins and notes. So, today I went to Amrop Mall, PJ to check it out. Indeed, there are so many coin dealers over there, the flea market atmosphere.

The first coin dealer is throat-cutting, RM30 for a piece of common old coin? I went to the second one which is way much cheaper than the first blood-thirsty dealer. So, since it is not that big amount, I took the deal two pieces of parlimen-year 50 cents for RM25. I wish to collect those years which I do not have yet. But, I do not want to rush to complete my collection too and just to get an experience. Even if the price is not the best, at least I will learn from my experience.

Sure enough when I came back for the second round, I bump into another uncle who offered me way much cheaper (4-5 times cheaper!). I thought, “Oh, I bought over-priced coin already.”. Naturally, I am quite a negative person but one thing I do is I self-talk that least I learn something today and because of that, I should feel happy. Now, I am excited and look forward to meet this uncle to get more coins from him at more affordable price soon.

Well, this could be just a tiny small life example. We can apply the same positive mindset to other ‘losses’ too, for example, wrong investment (i.e. unit trust fund, emas, stocks).

Smile3So, whenever you encounter anything unhappy like any losses, mistakes, blunder, don’t easily let those affect you. Treat it as a ‘tuition fee’ to gain more experience and to be a wiser person in future.

Stay positive and happy always because positive mentality / emotions help us to be more sihat 🙂

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