Pneumonia (30 years old)

My name is L and S is my daughter, we came from Seremban. One day in August 20OO, my daughter suddenly had a lever accompanied by a mild degree of coughing. When I sent her to the clinic, the doctor said she was suffering from epidemic influenza, and prescribed her with some antibiotics, antitussive, and defervescent. However, she did riot recover from the sickness even after visiting the doctor for 3 times. Instead, her condition worsened with more frequent coughing, to the extent that she could riot have sound sleep at night. I took her to the clinic again and reported her situation to the doctor, who decided to take an X-ray on her lungs. In the X-ray film. we could see that her lungs were bay by infected with germs. and she was further diagnosed with pneumonia The doctor referred her to the central hospital_ Upon registration for hospitalization, she was immediately put under intravenous drip and oxygen mask.

Her condition did not improve in the next two days. She could not even lie down to sleep at night, and her breathing became in heavier. The doctor suggested that she might need a more intensive treatment as her condition was quite bad. With our consent, a team of paramedics immediately administered her with anesthetics, and inserted a tube into her throat to deliver oxygen into the lobes of her lungs before sending her into the intensive care unit Bedridden in the unit, she was not allowed to take any food for the first 2 week.

The doctor told me that my daughter’s condition was real bad, coupled with the fact that she also suffered from Down’s Syndrome, it was inevitable thalt her organs would become weaker and weaker. He further pointed out that as 2/3 of her lungs had already been infected, which was likely to affect the normal functions of other organs, she only had 50% chance of recovery. Even if her condition were to improve, she would still need to survive on an oxygen mask. As she was not allowed to take any food during the first 2 weeks, she was supported with intravenous drip and injection of antibiotics. By the third week, the doctor inserted a tube into her nose to lead her with a nutritionally rich formulation of milk. With the doctor’s permission, I supplied her with 2 capsules of Lingzhi mixed with Protein Powder once every 2 hours. Three days later, she began to show vertigo reactions. She coughed more seriously than ever before, and rashes started to appear all over her body. In particular, pimples cropped up on her face like mushrooming. While the rashes on her body gradually disappeared over the next few days,. the pimples took 3 months or so to smooth out. During the treatment, the doctor prescribed her with a liquid formulation to arrest her coughing. But each lame she took the liquid, her hands would tremble and her face would turn pale, I reflected her response to the doctor, who then decided to gradually reduce the dosage and eventually stop supplying it altogether.

By reinforcing the doctors medication with Lingzhi, her condition started to show marked improvement. A month later, my daughter was transferred from the intensive care unit back to the general patient ward, I continued to teed her with both Lingzhi and Natural Pollen, but increased to 6 capsules each and once every hour. Very soon, she no longer needed the oxygen mask and could already help herself with personal hygiene. Two weeks later, the doctor found tier breathing, heartbeat, and blood pressure returning to normal after re-examining her body, and subsequently allowed her to be discharged from the hospital and recuperate at home. Upon returning home, I mix Lingzhi and Natural Pollen into her medication for the morning dose. As for the afternoon and late evening, I only supplied her with 3 capsules of Lingzhi and 5 capsules of Natural Pollen. When we went to the hospital for return visit on December, the medical report showed a rich content of oxygen in her blood, and the X-ray film also depicted that her lungs have already fully recovered. On the next return visit by March, the doctor said she was 100% okay now and no longer needed to take medication anymore. Until today, she is still taking 2 capsules of Lingzhi and 5 capsules of Natural Pollen every day, once in the morning and another time before retiring to bed.