Pancreatic Cancer has the Lowest survival rate (3%)!

According to the statistic above, the survival rate of pancreas (pancreatic) cancer is about 3% only!

It is another silent killer just like liver disease because there are not much symptom until serious stage. For more info, check out these few articles:

Case Study by Dr. Fukumi Morishigi, MD, PhD in this article: GANODERMA:  POSITIVE CANCER TREATMENTS – PANCREAS CANCER PATIENT CAN WALK AGAIN:  A 60 year old male pancreas cancer patient had surgery and was in a better state for a while, but later deteriorated.  He had edema and lost weight.  Examination results revealed that he had extremely high count of CA199CEA.  I informed him that with his present treatment he would die within a short period of time.  I advised him to be hospitalized.  Due to financial reasons, he was given another kind of medication but he reacted unfavorably to it.  Therefore, we had to change his treatment to 9 grams of reishi essence orally and 30 grams of Vitamin C through intravenous injection daily.  This began from August of 1986 which was over 1 year ago.  The patient had since completely recovered and various examinations could not detect symptoms of any kind.  He has gone back to work but continues to take 5 grams of reishi daily.  He comes for a follow-up examination every 2 weeks and repeat CEA examinations show that his CA19-19 count continues to drop.


Once again, prevention is better than cure 🙂

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