He was diagnosed with 4th stage brain cancer (Terminal). After consuming Yung Kien Ganoderma 2 for 3 months, when he went for checkup again at Glen Eagles Hospital. His medical report shown that no cancer was detected (cleared).

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Liver Disease

His blood test has shown sign of liver inflammation with GOT & GPT count at 228 (normal reading is < 40) and 550 (normal reading is < 54) respectively. After 3 months of consuming Lingzhi, his GOT and GPT count has reduced to 47 and 70 respectively.

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Someone with type 1 diabetes who was on Lingzhi reduces his insulin requirement after 4 months of consuming Lingzhi. He testified on the stage that he reduced his daily requirement of insulin to half after consuming Lingzhi.

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She suffered with insomnia and minor depression and took medication. She also lost appetite and body weight dropped to 40kg! Then she tried Lingzhi and Pollen. One month later, she could sleep well at night and no longer suffer from insomnia. She became more energetic and do not need to take medications anymore. 

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  • Suffer gout problem at 25 years old. Uric acid > 14mg/dL. Take Lingzhi for 3 months and cure his 5 years gout nightmare.
  • Suffer gout problem at 27 yrs old, Uric acid 9.9mg/dL, Take Lingzhi and avoid alcohol, cure his gout problem within a year

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Asthma and Pneumonia

When he was 4-7 months old, Kai Fan had been sent to the hospital for 3 times due to asthma and pneumonia (inflammation of the lungs). Doctor also provided Kai Fan with 2 types of asthma sprays: one was used for the prevention of asthma and the other is used at the time when he suffered from asthma.

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