Oh My Nose

Note: Written by Steve Ngai on 22nd April 2014 (Re-blog)

Few weeks ago I undergo a minor operation at Pantai Cheras Hospital. I think it was all started last year whereby I left the need to do an allergy test which I did. The result of the test shows that I am allergic to two types of dust mite. After some consultation time with the well-known Immunology specialist, Dr. Yadav, I learnt more about dust mites such as where they come from, how to kill them, how they can cause us allergy and etc. After that, I also bought the anti-dust mite spray as recommended by him. Below is the picture which I bought from Watson / Guardian I think.

anti-dust-mite-spray-1 anti-dust-mite-spray-2

Soon, I did some research on vacuum cleaner and after some research, my mom and I decided to buy this Dyson Vacuum Cleaner. Some ridiculed me for buying such an expensive vacuum cleaner which cost two thousand plus. But, for me, this brand of vacuum cleaner is the most economical in comparison other high end brands like Rainbow which cost about four times more.

Beginning of this year, I decided to consult a GP I found out that the structure inside my both side of nose are not the same. And sometimes I also left the slight pain in my nose. After consulting and telling the doctor the above symptoms including nose block, he suspected that I have sinus and recommended me to see an Ear Nose Throat (ENT) specialist for further checkup. He asked me which hospital I wish to go and I told him Pantai Cheras since it is the nearest from my house.


In February 2014, I had my first appointment with the ENT specialist. His name is Dr. Rahmat Omar. During the consultation, he used a ‘steel stick’ to check on the air flow of my nose. From it, he realized that the air flow of my nose was not balance. Then he used a scope to check out the inner structure of my both noses. The scope was connect to a LCD monitor which enables me to see a magnified view of the inner structure of my nose. He told me that my right nose was too ‘curve’ which doesn’t look normal. For my left nose, he said that it was too narrow.

At the end, I prescribed me some medicine and spray which I need to use for a month. After taking all the medicine and using the nose spray for a month, I went back the second appointment with Dr. Rahmat. He asked me how much I have gotten better and I said maybe 30% like that. I asked him to check again my nose using the scope. After checking, it looks almost the same and ask him what can be done to ‘fix’ back my nose to be normal. He said there are two ways: shrink it or cut it. He added that for the cutting operation, it is just a small tiny bone which is very soft like the chicken tendon. I ask him how much is the operation and he said actually not that expensive. He even show a booklet of the price list which showed RM700 plus. Then he added “But that’s for one side of your nose and that’s only the operation cost”. I asked if my company medical card covers it and he said yes. With that, I decided to go for it.

The initial operation date was schedule to 1/4/2014 but due to the two OT’s air-conditioner was broken, the operation was postponed to 4/4/2014. Although the operation time is in the afternoon, I was asked to admit in the morning after my breakfast. Maybe because I need to be put on a drip and ensure that I have fasted at least 6 hours. After asking, I found out the reason why I needed to fast (no water and no food) for at least 6 hours. The reason is during the operation, the doctor will insert a blood container inside my throat. This is to prevent the blood from flowing into my lung. And if I have much food in my stomach, when the doctor insert that blood container inside my throat, I might throw out.

One of the experiences about going for operation is that I need to wear the surgical gown ONLY. I was ask to take out every other things including underwear! I left insecure doing so but nevertheless I had to. Not that I am shy but I am just worry. Man should know what I mean. I was lying on the bed while the nurse pushed it to the OT room. And I gotta wait for that long 20 minutes.

So the time has come. After the anesthesiologist injected some stuff to me, I was completely knocked out by it after 1-2 minutes. After 1.5 hours of operation, I woke up and the operation was done and the nurse pull me back to my ward.

The experience after the operation was quite horrendous as I had difficult to swallow anything and I can only breath through my mouth 100% causing my lip, tongue and mouth dried up always but at the same time I struggled to drink water. The next morning, after Dr. Rahmat removed the bandage in my nose, I was shocked to realize that actually there were two big ‘bandages’ (about 10 cm long) inserted from my nose until my throat soft palate area. This explains why I had so much struggles swallow anything after my operation. After these two big ‘bandages’ were removed, I felt so much better. I have breath through my nose and swallow like normal back. What he did was shrank two side of my nose and for the left nose, he cut the tiny bone. He even gave it back to me lol. And I was given 10 days MC, woohoo!

As we were preparing to discharge from the hospital, my mom and I were shocked to know that the final bill is RM8,300 plus! Remember when I asked him how much in the beginning! Imagine from RM700+ to whopping RM8,300+. So, next time when you ask, you specifically 🙂 Thank God that this big bill was covered by my company medical card except for the RM30 registration fee. Otherwise, I need to use my own medical card. I think another thing to learn from this experience is the need to have medical card, if you can afford. Imagine without it, we need to fork out this huge amount of money just for this minor operation. What about major one then? Of course, we can opt to go to government hospital but the service is different lo.

This experience also makes me feel grateful and touched by what my parents and church friends has done to me: My parent – took care, accompanied me, help me with the insurance process and so much more. Siew Mei – visited me and tapau Milo for me. Others – who called and send me message and prayed for me.

One of my worries before the operation is hearing some lost their smelling sense after the operation. It has been few week after the operation and I guess the operation is successful according to the specialist and that I can still smell like normal 🙂

Once I have gotten the before-and-after-operation video (Scope procedure), I will post it here too. Thanks for reading this length page.

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