No more frequent onset of epileptic attacks

I remember that when I was still a primary 2 pupil, I once experienced an episode of
unprovoked seizure. At that time, I was yet to be diagnosed as having suffered from
epilepsy. It happened again one day by the time I was 17 years old -I was suddenly
taken over by general convulsion and tongue-biting before falling to the ground and
becoming unconscious. It was the first day of the Chinese New Year. As a result, I was
hospitalized for 4 days. The treatment given, which included injection and medication,
brought about side-effects taking the forms of pain in my heels and joints as well as an
excessive level of uric acid. Since then, I began to have more and more frequent
recurrence of the seizure, which could hit up to 4 or 5 times a week, or even 2 times in
a roll within the same day. When the attack was at its worse, not even medication could
control my condition. Following each onset, I would feel terribly exhausted along with
poor memory, and I often had to sleep for the whole day in order to regain my normal

In September 2006, through the recommendation of my elder brother, I began
consuming Ganoderma. For a start, I took 1 bottle everday. One week later, my daily
regimen became 8 capsules up to one bottle, and twice as much of Yung Kien Pollen,
in addition to the medicine prescribed by my doctor. After continuing this for a month,
my confidence was greatly boosted when there was no more recurrence of the seizure.
In the past, I had to repeatedly switch from one job to another due to frequent epileptic
attacks. Worse yet, as the seizure would take place without warning, it also led to
immense anxiety and utter anguish in me as far as my work and everyday life were
concerned. Now that with my condition effectively put under control through the
consumption of Ganoderma, it has spurred me on to build my Shuang Hor Business.
Presently, I am still maintaining the daily consumption of 8 to 12 capsules of
Ganoderma. Whenever I feel tired, I would increase the amount. Over the last 2 years,
from the very first time I took Ganoderma until today, there was only one epileptic
attack, after which I immediately regained consciousness, and there was no fatigue,
while my vitality was rapidly restored. Besides, the uric acid in my body has also
dropped to the normal level, while my memory has significantly improved, and my facial
complexion has turned much rosier than before.

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