Minor Gastric Ulcer & Tonsillitis (50 years old)

Prior to taking Lingzhi, I have been suffering from gastric problems. Over the years, I visited numerous doctors, took all kinds of Chinese and Western medicines, but my situation was never improved. On the other hand, whenever I suffered from a bout of flu, my tonsils would become inflamed. The symptoms included high fever, aching all over the body and I would experience difficulties in drinking and eating. But if I took anti-inflammatory agent, my gastric problems would be worsened. When both of these problems occurred at the same time, I would not know which medicine to take. Because of this, my doctor advised me to undergo an operation to get rid of my tonsils.

While suffering from gastric problems, my daily drinking and eating had to be restricted. For instance, I was not supposed to take hot and spicy or raw and cold foods. When the problems cropped up, it was unbearable. Sometimes it hurt so much that I would be bed-ridden and huddled myself up, and my face would turn pale. Later, I underwent gastroscopy treatment at Normah Medical Specialist Centre in Kuching and Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore, and I was diagnosed to have suffered from minor gastric ulcer. Apart from regular medication, I was advised to take extra care in my drinking and eating habit in order not to further deteriorate my gastric problems. My conditions might not be serious enough, but it would almost drive me to death when it hurt.

Later on, under the recommendation of my husband, I started taking Lingzhi in 1993. At first, I took 2 capsules and 4 capsules of Natural Pollen each time, once in the morning and another time in the evening. During the period when I was taking these pills, I felt more pains plus a burning sense with my gastric problems. I began to break wind (farting) with foul smell too. I knew all this had been the vertigo reaction of taking Lingzhi, so I did not give up the consumption halfway. Apart from taking Lingzhi and Natural Pollen, I also drank Instant Protein Powder. Three months later, I felt the improvement of my gastric problems. I could even start taking hot and spicy food. My appetite improved, my face turned rosy, and I had become much healthier than ever. My tonsils were cured too, saving the trouble of having to undergo surgical operations.

Although I have already got rid of my minor gastric problems, I maintain the habit of taking 2 capsules of Lingzhi and 5 capsules of Natural Pollen once or twice daily, in addition to 1 sachet of Instant Protein Powder for my daily health care – because I know that Lingzhi is capable of providing me with great health.