Liver Inflammation (5 years old from Johor)

My son had suffered from persistent fever and coughing around June in 2005. The doctor prescribed him with some anti-fever medicines, which proved to be ineffective. Subsequently, I sent him to be treated by a pediatrician, whose diagnosis also failed to find out the underlying cause of the problem. Again, my son was prescribed with some anti-fever medicines. This time around, the prescription did nothing to improve his condition, either. Worse yet, he began to develop itchiness and swelling throughout the entire body on the very first day of taking the medicine. Initially, we thought it was an allergic reaction to the new drugs, but when his condition suddenly deteriorated to general spasm soon after midnight, we immediately rushed him to a specialist centre. Due to his swollen hands, it was not until the third day following his admission that a blood test could be undertaken. Based on the test report, my son was confirmed to have a special kind of inflammation of the liver, which the specialist said could not be cured through medication and the only solution was to have a surgical operation. As we could not accept this outcome, we decided to switch him to Melaka Specialist Hospital for a further investigation. Acting on the recommendation of Mr. Oon Yiap Cheng, we began to feed him with 3 capsules of Lingzhi and 6 capsules of Pollen every 2 hours during the hospitalization. By the second day, we observed a drop in the liver indices. 3 days later, there was a marked improvement. And finally, he was given a clean bill on the 15th day. Following his discharge from the specialist hospital, we continued with the same regimen for him and 6 months later, he was already near to full recovery. Currently, we still feed him 4 capsules of Lingzhi and 8 capsules of Pollen on a daily basis as a health-care program for him.