Lingzhi (Ganoderma) – Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. There are so many types of Lingzhi in the market. Which one is the best?

The criteria for selecting superior Lingzhi are:

i) Specie – It must be from a superior Lingzhi variety: A good specie with higher active components will ensure greater efficacy.

ii) Environment – It was grown using superior technology in an outstanding environment free from contaminants and pollutants: The composition of Lingzhi ordinarily depends on the growing environment. Because Lingzhi can absorb nutrients only when growing conditions are favorable, Lingzhi culture technology emphasizes growing conditions (such as illumination, temperature, humidity, and ventilation). Superior Lingzhi specimens can be grown only under optimal conditions.

iii) Age – Different species of Lingzhi have different maturity period: It is important that the harvest time is made when the effective components are the richest. Hence, the timing of the harvest is very important.

iv) Extraction – Superior extraction and concentration technology: Different components in Lingzhi can only be extracted using different medium, and at different temperatures. As such, good quality Lingzhi is one that is extracted using multiple medium and different temperature and is in water soluble form.

v) Quality control – A superior product QC system: After extraction and concentration, a series of processes such as filling, bottling, and packaging are needed to create finished products. These processes must all be subjected to strict QC ensuring that the Lingzhi product meets quality standards.

vi) Recognition – A superior Lingzhi product should have received various recognitions and appropriate certifications from government bodies and relevant health authorities, ideally from different countries.

2. How can I be sure that Lingzhi marketed by Shuang Hor Company is the best?

Shuang Hor has a vast experience in Research & Development, cultivation, manufacture and distribution of Lingzhi since 1987. It controls the full supply chain, thus has full control over the quality of Shuang Hor Lingzhi. It is the Lingzhi expert and is the market leader in the world for the following reasons:

  • Patented species
  • Cultivated in a controlled environment, free from pollutants
  • Constantly monitored and harvested at optimum age
  • Contains 100% concentrated Lingzhi extract
  • Extracted using dual phase technology, via multiple medium and different temperature
  • Stringent Quality Control exercised from cultivation to packaging
  • Gained international recognition and endorsements

3. What is the different between Yung Kien Lingzhi and Jia Hor Lingzhi?

They are from different species of Lingzhi. The fruit body used in formulating Yung Kien Lingzhi has a much higher content of the effective components. Its triterpenoid content is found to be three times higher, and the macro molecular polysaccharide content is two times higher than those found in Jia Hor Lingzhi.

4. Why is Yung Kien Lingzhi being sold at a higher price than Jia Hor Lingzhi?

As mentioned above, the effective components are much higher. Beside that, it involves a different method of cultivation which result in a lower yield. This result in a higher production cost.

5. Which Lingzhi should I take? Yung Kien or Jia Hor?

Yung Kien Lingzhi is recommended for:

  • those who have been consuming other Lingzhi products with no obvious health improvements.
  • the health conscious middle age people and senior citizens.
  • those who have special health care needs or those who require relatively high doses of Lingzhi products due to their special health condition.

6. Some people say that Lingzhi spores are more effective than Lingzhi fruit bodies.

By drawing an analogy, the spores in the fruit body of Lingzhi are likened to eggs in a hen. The optimum time to harvest the Lingzhi is just before the fruit body releases the spores, thus both the goodness of the spores and fruit body are obtained. Therefore, Lingzhi products made from the fruit body would give more complete benefits compared to those made only from Lingzhi spores.

It is also worth mentioning that the major active components in a spore is lipid. When the spores are broken, the lipids become exposed to atmosphere, rendering them unstable. Moreover, the collection of spores is a complicated and problematic process. In the absence of an effective sifting technology, the spores are normally collected together with airborne dust and impurities, which makes the consistency of quality a major challenge. Lastly, spores are limited in commercial quantity. therefore, generally speaking, it is not possible for products made from purely Lingzhi spores, to be low in price.

As such, it is misleading to say that Lingzhi spores are more effective.

7. Is wild Lingzhi better than cultivated Lingzhi?

The criteria mentioned in Qn 1 can be used to determine good quality Lingzhi. When Lingzhi is gathered from the wild, the species, growing environment, and age are usually unknown. Thus it is very difficult to determine the exact quality of wild Lingzhi. Due to the numerous factors beyond control, consistent quality wild Lingzhi is difficult to obtain.

In this respect, cultivated Lingzhi would be much safer and consistent in quality, as the species, cultivation environment and the age are being monitored compared to Lingzhi grown in the wild.

8. Is Lingzhi poisonous?

There are a few thousand types of mushroom and only 10% are edible, because most are poisonous. Lingzhi has been documented in the Chinese Medical Pharmacopoeia “Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing” (BC 100) and “Ben Cao Gang Mu” (AD 1518) as a superior quality herb that is non-toxic, neutral in nature and long term usage will promote good health, longevity and prevent aging.

Good Lingzhi in itself is non-toxic, however, the growing environment may contaminate the Lingzhi. Thus, it is important to ensure that the Lingzhi you consume comes from a reliable source.

9. Lingzhi is no good because it has side effects.

Lingzhi does not cause side effects, however there is a particular phenomenon worth mentioning. Lingzhi helps normalize the body constitution by helping the body to detoxify and improve metabolism. As a result, consumers of Lingzhi will experience some Vertigo Reactions also known as “Getting well syndrome”, which mean the body will go through a period of discomfort before it gets well again. This happens when stored toxins are being dissolved and discharged from the body. These discomforts have been misunderstood as side effects.

10. What are some of the Vertigo Reactions?

When Lingzhi eliminates accumulated toxins from the body, a variety of superficial phenomena may occur. For instance, the patient may excrete black, foul-smelling stool, vomit dirty material, break out in a red skin rash, and experience abnormal urination (the urine may have an abnormal color and odor, or the patient may eliminate stones in his or her urine). All of these are natural reactions to detoxification. Some common reactions include:

Flatulence/Passing out gas – One may flatulent/pass out gas many times a day for about a week or so. (A sign of toxic and trapped gas being eliminated from our congested colon and tissues)

Frequent bowel movement – Watery, smelly and black stools may be experienced for a number of days. This bowel movement reaction may sometimes be up to 3-4 times a day. (A sign of colon cleansing)

Perspiration – Those who seldom perspire will now sweat it out even in a cool environment. Others may find themselves perspiring more. (A sign of skin cleansing)

Discharging of clots – Whatever blockages and / or infections are in the womb, uterus and cervix will be flushed out in the form of blood clots, extra menstrual flow, white/brown discharge for a number of days. (A sign of reproduction organ cleansing)

Phlegm and mucus discharge – Lingzhi is indeed very helpful for asthma and bronchitis sufferers. More phlegm and mucus will be discharged. The longer the illness has advanced; the longer the time is needed to clear the affect organs.

Lingzhi is also helpful for those who has sinus. Persistent running nose and itchy nostril will occur for about 2 weeks. Do not attempt to stop the running nose reaction, as this is only temporary. In some cases, blood debris and clots are discharged, a sign of final cleansing from the nose. (A sign of respiratory system cleansing)

More urination – Increase in urination. Dark colored urine will be passed out in advanced cases of high uric acid level and kidney malfunction. The color will become clearer as the condition improves. (A sign of kidney and bladder cleansing)

Itchiness/Rashes – If the lymphatic vessels are contaminated with toxins, bacteria or virus, rashes will appear on the skin. Itchiness over the lymph nodes area will cause some discomfort for many days (depending on the level of contamination). If itchiness is unbearable, apply ointment for relief. (A sign of lymphatic vessels cleansing)

Dark and/or bloody traces in stool – Alcohol harms the liver. It hardens the liver and causes it to malfunction. Lingzhi is able to remove alcohol toxins to allow cells in the liver to regenerate and be normal again. Reactions such as dark and bloody stools can be seen passing out for a number of days. However, bowel movement will resume its normal function once this temporary reaction is over. (A sign of liver cleansing)

Other general Vertigo Reactions – Better sleep, increased energy level, sleepiness, fever are some of them.

11. How long do these Vertigo Reactions last?

The reactions will differ from person to person depending on the amount of toxins in the body that are being eliminated. Consumers who experience the Vertigo Reactions will have faster results. Those who do not encounter any reactions will find recovery slower. The length of reaction also depends on the individual. A light reaction may last for about 3-7 days. Severe ones will last for 7-30 days. Most importantly, they are only temporary phenomenon.

Sometimes symptoms of pain may surface. If so, this is an indication of tissue or organ weakness in the boy. When pain appears at any point of time, increase dosage to double or triple to speed up the cleansing process. Should the pain persist for a longer period, seek medical opinion.

12. What happens if the Vertigo Reactions persist, say after 3-4 weeks?

Lingzhi is also a scanner, in that it is able to scan the body of any diseases that are in the pre-illness stage. Therefore, if the Vertigo Reaction persists, consult a doctor to get another opinion on your state of health.

13. Some people say that Lingzhi does not work on them.

Lingzhi is not a medicine, so the effects of Lingzhi on the body are not immediate. Lingzhi is a functional health food that slowly but steadily helps the body to return to its normal functions. It does so by helping the body to get rid of toxins built up over the years, improve the immune system, and improve blood circulation.

Thus when one starts to consume Lingzhi, one should be observant of the changes that happen to the body. These changes are mentioned in Qn 10, also known as vertigo reactions. The vertigo reactions could be very minor or very significant, depending on one’s body constitution, and how Lingzhi is consumed.

However, there are some people who do not experience any changes at all after consuming Lingzhi. Then it could be due to low Lingzhi dosage, short duration of Lingzhi consumption or inconsistent consumption. Thus, it is important to consume sufficient dosage consistently over a duration of 3 to 6 months to experience the full effect of Lingzhi.

14. Can I take Shuang Hor Lingzhi together with other medication?

It is important to note that all medication and treatment from doctors must be adhered to when taking Jia Hor Lingzhi. Jia Hor Lingzhi together with natural pollen should be taken hand in hand with western or traditional medicine and/or any other form of therapy. This combined method of treatment has proven to be very effective and successful.

15. Lingzhi is not suitable for everyone.

The misconception that “Lingzhi is not for everyone” comes about because some consumers of Lingzhi were not properly briefed on that to expect after consuming Lingzhi, and mistaken the Vertigo Reactions as a negative reaction. In fact Vertigo Reactions are a positive indication that Jia Hor Lingzhi is taking its effect in the body.

Lingzhi can be consumed by everyone. Pregnant ladies, new born and elderly have consumed Lingzhi and found it very beneficial.

16. Is there a dosage guide for Lingzhi?

Lingzhi is not a medicine. It is neither a nutrient nor vitamin. It is classified as a food in the Chinese herbal medical compendium “Ben Cao Gang Mu”.

First, it’s important to repeat that Lingzhi is harmless and nontoxic. How much Lingzhi you should take depends on your physical constitution and health situation. There’s no real standard dose. Those who have taken Lingzhi for many years have discovered that taking larger doses not only improves their physical condition quicker, but is also more economical in the long run!

When a person’s health deteriorates, toxins accumulate in the body like sludge at the bottom of a ditch. When flushing out the sludge in a ditch, it’s more effective to use large amounts of water than to use a small dribble. In the same way, it can be more effective and economical to use a larger dose of Lingzhi to clear up health problems. Generally, we suggest consuming 4-6 bottles in first 2 months for a thorough cleansing and then 2-4 capsules per day after.

If you are currently under western medication, please continue with your medication while consuming Shuang Hor Lingzhi until such time when your illness has improved. Then only do you reduce your western medication, with your doctor’s approval.

17. Why must Shuang Hor Lingzhi be consumed with Yung Kien Pollen?

Health problems of the modern generation are mostly caused by chronic nutritional imbalance. Dietary bias, irregular eating habit and various reasons have brought about insufficient intake of essential nutrients. As a result of physiological degeneration, we eventually fall ill.

Yung Kien Pollen contains more than 200 nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, nucleic acid, enzymes, co-enzymes etc.

As pollen can be readily assimilated and utilized by chronically undernourished body cells, it helps restore the vitality of our body in a rapid manner. Only revitalized body cells can respond positively to the exceptional efficacy of Lingzhi. No nutritional program can ever work effectively when the body cells are on the verge of death. This is why Shuang Hor Lingzhi is best taken with pollen (a nutrient supplement).

Research has also found that consuming Shuang Hor Lingzhi with Jia Hor Natural Pollen enchances the assimilation of polysaccharides in the body.

18. Lingzhi is too expensive.

In today’s living environment, it is not cheap to have and maintain good health. Visits to clinics and specialists are expensive. However when one is diagnosed with degenerative diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problem, kidney malfunction etc, long-term medication is needed for the entire life is not cheap either. Thus, if Lingzhi can help promote good health and prevent the onset of degenerative, diseases, then it is not expensive. If one prescribes to the philosophy of “Prevention is better than Cure”, then one will find Shuang Hor Lingzhi inexpensive because of its health promoting capabilities.

19. Lingzhi from the medical hall is cheaper.

It may or may not be true. However, what is more important is one should consume quality Lingzhi. Good quality Lingzhi should be of a good species, properly cultivated/grown, of the right age and in water-soluble form so that the body can absorb its goodness. One might not be able to ascertain the above in Lingzhi purchased from the medical hall.

20. I am healthy, so there is no need for me to consume Shuang Hor Lingzhi.

A person may feel that he is health, however he may not be sure that his body is free of toxins. The colon, skin, kidney/bladder, lymph and lungs are the 5 major elimination channels, which make up the body system for eliminating toxins and wastes. If one of the elimination channels in our body is not functioning well, the other channels are forced to compensate. If they are unable to handle the overload, the toxins and waste products find their way back into bloodstream circulating throughout the body and settling in the weakest organ and tissue areas.

21. There are so many types of health food in the market, also professing to do the same thing like detoxifying, cleansing, improving immune system and so on. So why should I take Shuang Hor Lingzhi?

Most health food in the market today addresses only a specific problem or area. However Shuang Hor Lingzhi is unique because:-

i) It is an Adaptogen, in that it does not cure but enables the body to heal itself. An Adaptogen possesses these 3 qualities:-

– It is non-toxic
– It is non-specific
– It has overall normalizing effect

ii) It has a 2-way efficacy. For example, Lingzhi can promote platelet aggregation (Triterpenoids) and inhibit platelet aggregation (Adenosine).

iii) It is a proven product. It has been used as a medicinal mushroom for more than 4,000 years and is one of the world’s most highly researched herbs today.

iv) It can scan and highlight hidden illnesses.

v) It can be taken on a long-term basis to promote good health and longevity.

Lingzhi is a single product for general health and many health related problems as it addresses most problems at root. Shuang Hor Lingzhi is the supreme of all Lingzhi.

22. What are some of the benefits experienced by Shuang Hor Lingzhi’s consumers?

a. Better skin tone, smoother, clearer and fairer complexion
i) Acnes and pimples problem will disappear
ii) Scars and marks will lighten or fade away

b. Better and deeper sleep
c. Regular bowel movements
d. Normalized blood pressure
e. Calm nerves, less agitation
f. More energetic, no more fatigue, improved stamina
g. Less infections, enlarged lymph nodes and allergies
h. Less fever, cold and flu
i. Speedier recovery if one fallen sick
j. Improved conditions of high cholesterol, high lipids
k. Improved conditions of chronic bronchitis, hepatitis, diabetes, heart and kidney diseases, leukemia etc.

23. If I only have yearly budget for 6 boxes of Jia Hor Twin Pack. How should I take them? One month take one box, then break for one month? Or continuously each month take one box for 6 months then break for 6 months?

It is better to continuously take for 6 months, then break for 6 months. This is because immune system take time to build.


If there is still more question, feel free to contact me.