Inaccurate menstruation and Difficult to Conceive (30 years old)

l was married to my husband in 1994. As both of us loved to have children we have never taken any contraceptive measures ever since our marriage. I personally suffered from inaccurate menstruation, and at times the periods would be 3 or even 4 months apart from one another. It was probably due to these physiological disturbances that I had not been able to get pregnant 6 years into our marriage. I had over the years consulted one specialist after another over my barrenness problem. Each time. they would only prescribe me with hormonal formulations, which never seemed to bring me any intended results.

Through the recommendation of a friend, I began to take 2 packets of Instant protein powder every day from October 1998. Continuing with the consumption, two months later I started to include 2 capsules of Lingzhi and 4 capsules of pollen, once in the morning and another time in the evening. Whenever vertigo reactions were experienced, I would increase the intake of pollen to 20 capsules while maintaining 2 capsules of Linqzhi, twice daily. At a later stage, I modified my regimen to I capsule of Lingzhi and 2 capsules of pollen also once in the morning and another time in the evening.

Four months later, for quite a while I felt more tired than ever and my stomach became bloated one day. Pustules began to appear on my face, especially around the forehead, but they gradually faded off later. Soon the conditions of my measles and gastric pain that would occur 2 to 3 times a month also improved by 80%, so much so I no longer had to take any medication anymore. Before long, my menstrual cycle was approaching normal and I started to have my periods 1 or 2 months apart from one another.

Besides irregular menstruation, my other problem was obesity. Standing at a height of only 5 feet and 1 inch, I was once weighing at a whopping 58kg. Beginning October 1999, I resolved to implement a weight-loss program through the consumption of Hi-Fibre in combination with Instant protein powder. Each morning, l would take 1 packet each of Hi-Fibre and Instant protein n powder. i would also consume another packet of Hi-Fibre before having lunch, in addition of topping up with 1 packet each of Hi-Fibre and Instant protein powder lust before dinner. Drinking a large quantity of water and having a reduced amount of food were also a significant part of the regimen. Within barely two month’s time. I succeeded in cutting down my bodyweight from S8kg to 52kg.

Miraculously. I become pregnant for the first time on March 2000. Throughout the pregnancy, I continued to take 2 capsules of Lingzhi ano 4 capsules of pollen once in the morning and another time in the evening on top of 2 packets of lnstant protein powder a day, everyday. During the initial stage of conceiving my baby except for having experienced a mild degree of occasional morning sickness, I enjoyed a good sense of well-being. By December last year, I gave birth to my lovely Lingzhi Baby without any untoward incidents.