Immune System vs Auto-Immune Diseases

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Super Immune System

The Malaysian Armed Forces (Angkatan Tentera Malaysia), the military of Malaysia, consists of three branches; the Royal Malaysian Navy (Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia), the Malaysian Army (Tentera Darat Malaysia) and the Royal Malaysian Air Force (Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia).

Our amazing immune system is the armed forces in a country. Regardless of which branch, their main duty is to protect and defend their country from all forms of threat. Similarly, our immune system guards us against all types of threat like viruses, bacteria, fungi, foreign protein and abnormal cancer cells. Here are the basic “soldiers” in our immune system.

Macrophages (or phagocytes) are the Pac-Manlike white cells that are the first line of defense. They can quickly attack any foreign invader (virus, bacteria) and actually gobble it up. But sometimes macrophages are not sure if they have attached themselves to a foreign invader or not. They definitely do not want to destroy something that is part of the body. This is when they call for help from the T-helper cells. T-helper cells are from a group of white cells called lymphocytes. A T-helper cell comes along and attaches itself to the macrophages and tries to help it determine if the particle the macrophage has its grasp is friend or foe. If the T-helper cell determines that is it an enemy. It will secrete hormones called cytokines (they stimulate the inflammatory reaction), which literally signal the immune system to kick itself into high gear. This stimulates the B-cells into action and attracts more macrophages and T-helper cells to come to the rescue.

B-cells have the ability to shoot down the intruder with enzymes that destroy it by creating oxidative stress. Some of the B-cells will return to the lymph nodes to create antibodies against these intruders. If this intruder ever shows up again, our immune system is ready for it because of these antibodies.

Natural killer cells can destroy anything in their path. They flood infected cells with toxins and destructive enzymes, which effectively destroys all foreign invaders or cells that are growing abnormally, such as cancer cells.

T-suppressor cells are the riot police that come along after the foreign invader has been destroyed and tries to calm down this tremendous immune response. They are critical for the control of collateral damage. If this highly reactive response goes unchecked, tremendous damage to the surrounding normal tissue could occur. This is what makes the inflammatory response so dangerous. if the inflammatory response gets out of control, it can cause great harm.


When are immune system is weak (under-active), we easily get sickness like cold, cough and fever which are one of the most common illnesses. And when we do not do anything about it to improve our immune system, eventually we could get more serious diseases such as diabetes, Lymphoma, Parasytic Infections, Psoriases, Shingles, Cancer and AIDS.

Measurement of under-active immune system – White blood cell count is less than 3,000

Auto-immune Diseases 

“One’s greatest strength is also his greatest weakness”

While low immune system could cause so many health problems, an over-reactive or ‘confused’ immune system could do us much harm too. Below I extracted a passage from this book called “What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You” by Ray D. Strand.

But in a bizarre case of autoimmune disease, the immune system actually becomes the body’s worst enemy itself by attacking normal cells and tissue. If it attacks the joint space, we call it rheumatoid arthritis; if it attacks our bowels, we call it Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis; if it attacks the myelin sheath of our nerves, we call it multiple sclerosis; and when it attacks the connective tissue of our body, we call it lupus or scleroderma.

Measurement of over-active immune system – White blood cell count is over than 10,000


Both ‘under-active’ and ‘over-active’ immune system give us many health problems. Thus, it covers most of the diseases in the human body. One solution is to balance or modulate our immune system so that our white cell count is within the healthy range (3000 – 10,000).


To modulate our immune system, I would strongly recommend Lingzhi. Shuang Hor’s lingzhi has received two very difficult-to-earn accreditation. One of them is Immuno-Regulatory Health Food (Taiwan’s Health Ministry Food Accreditation with Reference Number A00003-24/7/2000) Accreditation. Based on the results of experiments carried out on animals and in vitro (outside the body) tests, it has the functions as below:

  • Helps promote the production of antibodies
  • Helps enhance the production of immune cells
  • Helps modulate the functions of T-cells
  • Helps promote the vitality of natural killer cells
  • Helps promote the vitality of phagocytes.



FDA Taiwan on Liver Protection & Immuno Regulatory Functions