How to use Shuang Hor online system to purchase

Here are the steps by steps to follow to send order online using Shuang Hor website.


Contact me if you wish to register as Authorized Distributor. Registration fee is only RM 37. Once you have registered, you will be given the Distributor Number and Password. Note: No monthly minimum purchase to maintain as Distributor.


1. Open your browser and go to ““. Key in your Distributor No. and Password and click “Login”.


2. Once you have login, you will see your name and menu as shown below.


3. Select “My Shopping Cart” menu. Then select “By Products List”.


4. Select the person who order. Note: All your person you have sponsored will appear in this page also. Then, click “Next”.


5. Find the product your want to order. Key in the quantity. Click “Add to Order”. Once done, you will see the changes updated at the top right order. Once done, click “Preview Current Order”.



6. Check your order. To delete, click the rubbish bin icon on the left. To update the quantity, change the quantity textbox and click “Update Order Quantity” button at the top.



7. Next is to key in delivery details.

  • “Pickup at Counter” option means that you collect your order from ShuangHor branch or warehouse centre and you do not need to pay any delivery charges. If you select this option, select your pick up location and choose whether you to collect or your customer to collect it. If your customer is a non-member, you are required to key in name, IC and contact number.

  • “Delivery by Courier” options means that Shuanghor will arrange delivery to send to you. Note: There will be delivery charges if your total purchase amount is below RM 1,500. Click “Confirm”.

8. Review your order for the last time. You can make new order or review the order by clicking the button. Tips: You can send order for few distributors to the same location to make up RM 1,500, so that you eligible to get FREE delivery. Once done, click “Next: Make Payment”.


9. Select your credit card details. Then, you will get your code sent into your phone. Enter that code to confirm the credit card payment.




10. Done 🙂

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to contact me ya.