How to take Lingzhi (Ganoderma) – Any side-effect if consume too much?

questionsRecently during my grand-mother’s birthday, we have a dinner with my family and relatives. As we talked about lingzhi, one of my relatives told my mom not to take much too lingzhi because it is harmful. I was at another table. I only know that when we went back home.

So, back to the important question, “Is it safe?”. The information below is extracted from the book “Ganoderma – The Ultimate Herbal Medicine” by Dr. Deng-Hai Chen

This is a serious and practical questions and the rationale behind it is that, firstly, when the human body is experiencing obvious disorder, a high dosage is required to treat it and secondly, if ganoderma is to be relied upon to restore or maintain good health, it must be possible to take it throughout life.

… the most commonly used safe/toxicity test is the sub-acute oral toxicity test, conducted on rats. The test involved force-feeding rats with a high dosage of ganoderma extracts (at least 3000 mg/Kg) for 28 consecutive days. After the 28-day period, the rats underwent dissection and their organs were examined and blood biochemical functions analyzed to determine if there were signs of toxicity. The results indicated that the internal organs and tissues of the experimental rats showed no signs of toxicity. The dose of 3000 mg/Kg/day is a basic requirement when applying a health food accreditation, because it provides a safety factor of more than 100 times the recommended human daily dosage (1.5-3 grams/day based on different products). But how is the 3000 mg/Kg dosage used in this experiment converted into a standard dose for humans? 3000 mg of ganoderma extracts were administered for each kilogram of body weight. This is equivalent to a person weighing 70 kg taking 210 grams of ganoderma extracts (in powder form)….This suggests that humans could take 210 grams of ganoderma extracts for 2.7 consecutive years without experiencing side effects.

 In summary, consuming high-dosage of lingzhi is perfectly safe!

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