Healthy = Happy?

Smile2Healthy = Happy? Agree? Well, although it might not be 100% true because there are exceptional spiritual and positive people still very happy even though they have certain in-born health challenges. But generally, I would say that when we are unhealthy (not necessary due to chronic disease but those who usually fall sick or lack of energy), we can’t help but feel discouraged, frustrated or depressed sometimes. This is because when we are ill or constantly fatigue, there are many things we can’t do. We might not able to work if the condition is serious. We can’t play or enjoy certain hobbies or sports fully. We look one kind among our friends. Imagine how your friends think about you if you keep sneezing or with watery nose most of the time. Conversely, when we are healthy, we tend to be happier. That explain why after having a cup of coffee or other energy drink, we feel great and get back the happy mood. So, back to this equation, Healthy = Happy? Well, is it good to at least ponder about it for awhile 🙂