FREE Health Educational Learning

Start from February 2015, I will be conducting FREE health educational learning session in my home (Bandar Tasik Selatan) from 8.30pm-10pm. Some topics covered are what I learned from my Diploma in Nutrition course:

1. Nutrition – What is Optimum Health?
2. Disorder of the cells (Inflammation, Cancer, Fever)
3. Toxicity and Detoxification
4. Food Additives (Salt, MSG, Sugar)
5. Immune System and Auto Immune Disease
6. Worms and Parasites


But if there is any specific health need which you wish to know more, you may inform me in advance so that I can try my best to do some research about it too.

For those who come by LRT, you may stop at Tasik Selatan station. Below is the location map. Click the image to enlarge it. Please contact me first before you come ya. Thanks.



If you wish to have it at your home so that your whole family member can also hear and benefit from it, this can be arranged too. I just charge minimum amount to cover the extra travelling time and cost only.

Occasionally, I will also organize FREE meet up in the public like Old Town cafe around my neighborhood, Bandar Tasik Selatan to just share some of the things I have learned from my Diploma in Nutrition class.