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So far, I have been posting on all types of health: physical health, emotional health, mental health, spiritual health. The last I would like to share is financial health. I believe that money is not everything and the objective of this blog is not about getting rich either but it is about long-term financial planning and security.

But sometimes when we are doing weak in our finance especially those who are in debt, we can get a lot of stress and worry. Few months got GST somemore. When we are too stressful, our body will release a lot of stress hormone which is known as cortisol hormone. This stress hormone will weaken our immune system a lot and thus we easily get sick like common cold and cough.


That day, I read a blog about a young lady who shared about how she manage to save up SGD 20,000 a year. I thought that was impressive. As I read more including the comments at the end of the blog, one particular comment really impacted me. This is what was commented:

Hi Budget babe,

I’m not going to comment much on the expenses bit..I think you’re frugal enough!

I think in order to move forward, you should look at ways to increase your earnings. Spend the necessary money to network and socialise with important people, raise your work profile and get yourself noticed at work. Off work, think of ways to boost your income…set up a blog shop, tuition, web design etc etc….at this stage, you should think about monetising your free time, which is quite cheap. When you’re at a later stage where your time gets more expensive, you should look at ways to make your money work for you.

Don’t crack your brains squeezing your expenses further…spend your effort and energy increasing your earnings. The busier you are, the less time you have to spend money anyway, so you’re doing offense and defense at the same time. With your already well tuned (frugal) spending habits, go for the offense now!

I personally highlight these two keywords above in red: offense and defense at the same time. I thought, “Wow, that’s right. That should be way.

It is good that we learn how to reduce our expenses, but not until we spend TOO much time calculating every cents. This is because TIME is MONEY too. For example, we can spend 1 hour to save RM 5-10 OR we spend 1 hour to learning how to earn extra income of RM 50 every day?

Okay, okay, how to earn extra income of RM 50 every day by just spending 1 hour? There are many ways to earn this amount, right? Well you can either choose to normal employment or to have your business. For most people, they will choose employment although most do not really like what they are doing. Either they are not happy with the boss, working environment, political issue, long working hours. The list of complains can go on for pages.

Say you wish to opt out employment and considering to start your own business. There are only two things you can sell to make money from business.

  1. Products
  2. Services

Recently, while attending my Diploma in Nutrition course in NHNA, I got to know that a student just open a organic food shop outlet. I asked him, “How much is the capital to open this franchise outlet?” He answered, “About RM 180, 000 to RM 200, 000“. I thought, “Wow, that’s a lot of capital.

One of the things I learned while working for GHL for two years is business RISK. All those businessman are trained to always look at the risk involved and how to manage risk in the business. Here, my classmates took the risk of RM 200k to start up a franchise outlet business.

My friend recently told me about his friend who open a shop. Every month, all the earning from 1-2 weeks were to be paid for the shop rental and utility bill. Then 3rd-4th week’s earning to be given to his worker’s salary. Then the remaining earning (if any) is for his pocket!

Did I mentioned about the stress from competitors and the TIME you have to spent to start and manage your business / shops?

So, if not conventional business, what other type of business then? As mentioned, you make money from business either selling products and/or services. In order to sell a product in a sustainable business in LONG run, this product needs to fulfill these five important criteria:

  1. The product needs to be UNIVERSAL – Is your product only targeted for men like shaver? Or only for certain race like tudung for the Muslim? Or school bag which is only for students?
  2. The product is NEEDED – There is a difference between needs and wants. Wants are you can live without. i.e. toys, entertainment and even a car. Needs are you can’t live without, i.e. food, water, air, health, shelter, clothes.
  3. The product is EVER-GREEN – Nokia was a big hit those days. But later, the handphone market was dominated by Blackberry, then Iphone, then Samsung, then XiaoMi?
  4. The product is UNIQUE – If you sell the vitamin C, people can look for the same in pharmacy, GNC, cosway or other companies. Is your product different from those in the market and competitors?
  5. The product has high REPEAT ORDER. For example, when you buy a smart phone or laptop today, when is the next time you will buy those again? Maybe 1-3 years later. This is a low repeat order products.

Let’s see whether our products are able to fulfill all these five criteria:

  1. The product needs to be UNIVERSAL – Yes! Lingzhi has been proven safe and without side-effect to be consumed even at large amount, from as young as baby, children, elderly and even pregnant women.
  2. The product is NEEDED – Yes! Health is always a BIG need. Without health, you can’t even work or study.
  3. The product is EVER-GREEN – Yes! For 27 years, Shuang Hor still sells the SAME Lingzhi product! In fact, the price for some products never increase for 16 years! In Malaysia, Shuang Hor is already more than 20 years too.
  4. The product is UNIQUE – Yes! Shuang Hor Factory is the LARGEST Lingzhi manufacturer in the world and our Lingzhi is specially patented and with the highest triterpenoid content (12%) vs competitor (2-3%). And not to mentioned the Lingzhi factory certification and accreditation.
  5. The product has high repeat order – Yes! Health food supplement is for health maintenance (preventative) purpose. This is just like servicing your car every three months.


So, Here what we can offer – to partnership with Shuang Hor to own a Lingzhi business as Authorized Distributor for Lingzhi (Ganoderma) in Malaysia. In this non-conventional business, the first good news to you, you do not need RM 200, 000 capital. You do not need to pay shop rental and worker’s salary every month 🙂

With just as low as RM 35, you can sign up to Authorized Distributor for Lingzhi (Ganoderma) in Malaysia. Second good news, after you have become an authorized distributor, unlike other reseller/wholeseller, you DO NOT need to maintain any volume of products every month. This means you do not need to keep any stocks. No warehouse/shop needed. This saves your headache quite a bit 🙂

Third good news, even without paying RM35 to sign up an authorized distributor, you can attend all the product training and seminars and all are totally FREE of charge including parking 🙂 The environment is very positive and professional too. And there is no reason at all to have politic (back-stabbing) problems because every one is the same, an entrepreneur.  In fact, the truth is they want to be SUCCESSFUL.

Fourth, you do not just learn about health food products, you can gain a lot of health knowledge because this business is health industry and as well as leadership skills. This means, even if you do not want to make it big in your business, you still gain health knowledge (which benefits you and family member’s health), personal development and leadership skill which are useful for whatever future career you wish to pursue. This also means that you have almost nothing to lose at the end.

Six, you can gain the joy and satisfaction as you see how the Lingzhi (Ganoderma) heals your family member, friends and colleagues. While doing that, you receive rewards from the company. Lastly, you can remain your full-time job and doing this business in part-time basis. Only once your part-time business income reach your full-time income (means Passive Income stage, i.e. RM 3,000-4,000 bank into your bank account without working), then only you can consider to do it full-time.

Contact me if you wish to explore this golden opportunity. After some sessions of exploration, then only you decide if you are interested to give this business a try. Malaysia obesity rate is the highest in South East Asia. This means that there almost half of Malaysia population are in need of health. Not just health products, but they need you to share to them also how to change their lifestyle and diets.

P/S – I am also looking into the opportunity and connection on how this wonderful product can be distributed to other countries around the whole too including Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Brunei, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.

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