Eczema (24 years old from Kuala Lumpur)

l had been suffering from a nagging skin problem called eczema on my legs since from my secondary school days. From time to time, blisters would appear throughout my body. When the blisters eventually ruptured, the wounds would not heal by themselves. Instead would deteriorate and spread to other parts of the body to form new blisters, unless and until I applied some medicated ointment on them. In my desperation to put a stop to this distressing problem, I resorted to seeking the help of a skin specialist. Though the blisters were gone following a complete course of medication in addition to the application of a specially prescribed medicated ointment, the specialist told me that my condition was one that could not be easily rooted out.

Sure enough. 4 years later”. eczema recurred as predicted. Again, I went to the same specialist and had the condition contained with the same prescription. Through
the recommendation on of Diamond Wan Chin Ven, I began taking 2 capsules of Yung Kien
Ganoderma and 4 capsules of Pollen everyday. Though the wounds seemed to have
deteriorated further following 2 weeks of the consumption, I upgraded the regimen to 8
capsules of Yung Kien Ganoderma and 16 capsules of Pollen everyday. 4 weeks later,
a marked improvement was observed and the wounds had gradually healed up. Today,
I have already enjoyed a radical cure from the skin problem that had haunted me for
so long.