Cirrhosis of the Liver and Hepatitis C (37 years old)

In 1999,  I  was  hospitalized  and  underwent  a  thorough  medical  check-up  when  the  bleeding  in  my  gums  did  not  seem to stop following the extraction of a tooth. A subsequent scanning revealed that there was a stretch of scar tissue as big as about the span of 4 fingers in my liver. Though the doctor suggested that it be surgically removed, he also cautioned that the success rate was less than 35%. An alternative was medication, which could put my condition under control for 5 to 10 years. Prior to this diagnosis, I had already been suffering from severe constipation. My bowel movements were so sluggish that I could only defecate once every 1 week or even 2, my stomach was always bloated, pimples cropped up all over my face, and tiredness would set in anytime of the day. I initially attributed this to my heavy workload. Little did I know that serious cirrhosis of the liver was the underlying cause. After the commencement of the medication, I had to visit the hospital every month for check-ups. A blood test showed that the scar tissue did not spread further, indicating that the condition of my cirrhosis was already under control. More so, I was no longer as vulnerable to feeling tired. By that time, as the cost of the regular  re- examinations had already burnt a hole in my pocket, I decided to discontinue with the treatment, citing full discovery of my condition as an excuse.

One day in July 2002, I was horrified by my unexpected onset of incontinence. After undergoing a thorough medical check-up, I discovered that my kidneys had begun to experience dysfunction, or functional failure. Other than frequent fatigue, I also had to endure the torture of involuntarily vomiting some yellowish, bitter gastric juice every morning. From July 2003 onwards, apart from taking some prescription drugs, I also started to consume Yung Kien Ganoderma and Yung Kien Pollen. At the initial stage, my consumption was made up of 12 capsules of Ganoderma and 30 capsules of Pollen as well as 6 packets each of Jia Hor Hi-Fibre and Jia Hor Instant Soya Protein Powder, in addition to 2 bags each of Lu Chun Lingzhi Tea and Jia Hor Gynostemma Herbal Tea, with the consumption split into 2 times a day. After continuing with it for 3 months, my conditions of incontinence and involuntary vomiting were miraculously cured. I was elated at having bidden goodbye to those unbecoming adult pampers and the everyday inconvenience that they brought, believing that I had already fully recuperated. As such, I reduced my daily consumption of the products to 4 capsules of Ganoderma and 10 capsules of Pollen, 2 packets each of Hi-Fibre and Protein Powder, and 1 bag each of the teas.

However, the good time did not last long. One day in August 2005, I suddenly had a serious onset of gum bleeding. Realizing the condition was real bad, I returned to the Elisabeth Hospital in Singapore for a medical check-up without undue delay. A subsequent scanning showed that there was a 3cm tumour growth in my liver. Besides, I was also diagnosed to be a carrier of the 4th type of hepatitis C virus (there are 5 types of hepatitis C virus hitherto known), my blood platelet count was abnormally low, and my immune system had weakened to a worrying state. As an immediate response, I increased my daily consumption of the products to 30 capsules of Ganoderma and 75 capsules of Pollen, 6 packets each of Hi-Fibre and Protein Powder taken with the teas (split into 2 times a day). For this time, the vertigo reactions were very intense: headache, dizziness, bloated stomach, and the secretion of yellowish, smelly pus from my navel. Besides, I would throw out whatever oily foods that I took, awful ulcers erupted in my mouth, painful and itchy pustules started to crop up everywhere on my body, especially under the armpits, the vomiting of lumps of phlegm every morning, and heavy discharge flowing out of my private parts, rendering my daily life somewhat miserable. Nevertheless, my confidence in the products was not affected, and I continued with my daily consumption without fail in spite of having to come to terms with those vertigo reactions lasting for 7 long months. During a regular medical check-up in March 2007, it was discovered that the cirrhosis of the liver had stopped. Even more miraculously, the 3cm tumour was nowhere to be found! However, the colony of hepatitis C virus still stubbornly stayed and was very much alive, though my blood platelet index had restored to the normal level of 9,300.

Tremendously thrilled by this result, I continued with the daily consumption, adjusting it to 20 capsules of Ganoderma and 50 capsules of Pollen, and 4 packets each of Hi-Fibre and Protein Powder, in addition to 2 sachets of VitaKing as my health-care regimen. By the time I had another medical check-up on 13th December 2007, not even a single trace of hepatitis C virus was found in my body. To the amazement of the doctor, my body was already capable of producing antibodies and my immunity index  had  restored  to  the  5.4 mark, making my case an extremely rare one in medical records. Today, I have enjoyed full recovery. While Yung Kien Ganoderma has not only saved me from health disaster if not the brink of death, my friends and associates are giving me the thumbs up, saying that I now look pretty much younger and more attractive than before!