Cancer Support Group in Malaysia

hospital-oncologistAlthough there are many scientific research done on Ganoderma as cancer treatment and very small percentage of survival rate through conventional treatment, it is still important to work with the cancer specialist doctor (oncologist) and hospital. This is because hospital has all the tools needed to screen cancer. And in the event of any complication or emergency, there are nurses and medical doctors ready to help.

I was in this cancer support group for awhile. This facebook support group was created by Dr. Ivan Shew, oncologist from Tung Shin hospital. Some of my research articles on Ganoderma as complimentary medicine for cancer were reviewed by Dr. Ivan in that facebook group too. If you wish to be added in, feel free to contact me ya.

Just a bit on Dr. Ivan. If the cancer patient does not want to go through conventional treatment (i.e. surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy), he will refer his patients to Dr Ren Jye Lim, the herbalist doctor.