When $$$ is traded with TIME

Few days ago my parents and I went to Penang for both short vacation and to meet up with some people and my consumers. Overall, we have a great time. In fact, this is very first time I travel outstation just with my parents.

On the way back, we visited a cancer patient in their home. She is weak and in pain. We shared our Lingzhi products and testimony to them and now waiting for a copy of their medical report to analyze further.

Then, we went to Taiping to meet a consumer who has diabetes problem. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it as her relatives came over because of wedding function. But she will be here in KL next week. Hopefully can meet up with her then.

After that, we stopped by Ipoh to meet another uncle. This uncle and his wife open two shops providing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and consultation. While chatting with them, they told us that they work everyday including Sunday and even Chinese New Year.

time-freedomI think this is a real example of someone who has the money and health (I assume since they sell Chinese herbs and have some TCM knowledge) but no TIME freedom. But in ShuangHor, you can have money and health (because in this line, we need to be equipped with health knowledge and the health food products help your health too), but the different is that, ShuangHor can gives you the TIME freedom. Basically, you can afford to take a week rest for holiday or vacation, but same amount of money still coming in into you bank account every month.

Secondly is quality and safety control. While the signature Lingzhi product I have is a Chinese herb, their ‘products’ are also Chinese herb. But here is the differences. Our products has been thoroughly tested with high level of quality control. This means every capsule of Lingzhi in every bottle is the same. Perhaps maximum 5% variation. This is important because we want to ensure all the capsule swallow into our stomach is clean, safe and same quality. And we have many certifications and accreditations to prove that our Lingzhi herbs are safe and with high efficacy. Since this couple make their own Chinese herbs, these are some questions for us to ponder:

  • Do they wear mask or gloves while grinding those herbs?
  • How’s the environment where they make those herbs? Is it dusty?
  • Are all the bottle of Chinese herb they sell same quality? How do we know?
  • Do all their Chinese herbs have expiry date?

Thirdly, while I do not know how well is their shop is doing but if they shop is doing well, their shop is only limited to that town. For ShuangHor business, you can actually have a ‘shops’ in all the towns and states in Malaysia (if you have people who want to do this business in those town/states). So the limit of ShuangHor business is way much superior than conventional business. Additionally, consumer can order products from ShuangHor’s website too and products can be delivered to their towns/states. And we don’t have to pay a single cents for shop rental and utility bills every month too.

If you are considering to try out this unconventional business in ShuangHor, you need another Authorized Distributor to sponsor you first. To sign up as Authorized Distributor, the fee is only RM 35 (in Malaysia) with no monthly maintenance. Please do contact me so that I can meet up with personally to explain more about our Lingzhi products and what other benefits in this business.

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