Be Mindful when taking Protein

For those who has kidney problem, gout or rheumatoid arthritis, you might need to check the type of supplement protein you consume. Find out if that supplement protein has purine or not. Recently, I heard some said Amway plant protein contains purine. So, I googled and found this FAQ from Amway website,

Protein contains purine that could be harmful to those with kidney problem, gout and rheumatoid arthritis. Does NUTRILITE Protein contain purine?

Any of the protein foods when going through breakdown will contain purine and urea and finally uric acid as the final end products of protein metabolism. Generally, anyone who has kidney problem, gout or rheumatoid arthritis has to cut down protein intake irrespective of what sources the protein comes from and this also includes NUTRILITE Protein Powder.​

Then, I checked also Shuang Hor Jia Hor soya protein too. And this is what I found from Shuang Hor magazine for March 2013:



So I told this to my mom and she realize this only now 🙂

If you wish to try this Soya Protein, it is only RM 65 (member price). Unfortunately, this product is not available in any supermarket but you can just contact me and I can personally deliver it to your house (within KL and PJ, Selangor) without extra cost, and same time explain more benefits of protein. In fact, the price remains the same since 16 years ago while other companies increased their price every year or every two years! This shows how well Shuang Hor manages the pricing 🙂

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