Asthma (15 years old)

I had been physically weak and vulnerable to diseases since my birth. When I was barely 3 months old, I would experience frequent fever and cold due to asthmatic attacks every now and then, so much so my parents had to take me to one clinic after another every month and put me under constant medication. This torture went on for years and my conditions never seemed to improve even by the time I was about 11 years old. Moreover, my poor health also forced me take frequent sick leaves from school and stay at home, bed-ridden. As long-term treatment through western medicines did not seem to provide a permanent cure, my mom resorted to feeding me with traditional herbs like ginseng in the hope that these might improve my condition. However, it turned out that those traditional herbs did not help much, too. Whenever I experienced a bout or two of asthmatic attacks, I would be gasping for breath in a horrifying manner, and my mom would be so worried that she would have sleepless nights and weep silently. Apart from appealing to doctors for stronger asthma prescriptions, there wasn’t any better alternative available.

By March 1997, upon the recommendation and persuasion of my uncle, mom started supplementing my diet with Lingzhi and Natural Pollen. Prior to that, she had actually been very sceptical about Lingzhi, but decided to give it a try just because she was already at her wits’ end. At the .initial stage, I consumed 1 capsule of Lingzhi and 5 capsules of Natural Pollen along with the prescribed medicines on a daily basis. By the third week of my consumption, I began to experience vertigo reactions. I would cough continuously and throw out bubble-like phlegm. But to my delight, I did not feel exhausted or sleepy after the onset as I used to in the past. From then on, I could already attend school regularly as the serious symptoms of my asthmatic condition did not bother me any more. After the unrelenting encouragement by my uncle, I increased my consumption of Lingzhi and Natural Pollen to 5 and 10 capsules respectively while continuing with medication. The vertigo reactions gradually faded off in the next three weeks.

After consuming Lingzhi and Natural Pollen in combination with prescribed medicines for more than two years, the onset frequency of my asthmatic condition drops significantly, and I no longer have to see doctors as often as before. By today, I have already been consuming Lingzhi for more than four years. I must say that my asthmatic symptoms have never recurred for a long time now and I believe I have enjoyed full recovery. Though I may still suffer from occasional and minor bouts of cold and flu, consuming Lingzhi and Natural Pollen in combination with normal anti-cold formulations will give rapid curing results. For the moment, in addition to 2 capsules of Lingzhi and an appropriate amount of Natural Pollen, I also consume Instant Protein Powder everyday as my healthcare regimen. My health condition has improved remarkably, and my mom needs not have to worry about me anymore!