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I would like to start up with this real health story which I found it very amazing. This happened last year. That time my friend’s husband was diagnosed with cancer (terminal stage). At this stage, the doctor can’t do much things because the chance to get recovered from it is very slim. That time, thank God, somehow he got to know this Lingzhi and bee pollen product from ShuangHor and recommended to take high dosage of it. After following the given advice consistently for about 3 months, the cancer was cleared! There is medical report from the hospital to prove that. It seems unbelievable but it is true. He is still healthy until today 🙂

Here are only some testimonies. If you would like to have more testimonies for a particular health problem, you can contact me and leave your email address. I can email more personally.

Health Testimonies
Health Problem Category Title Description
Psoriasis Psoriasis Testimony From Thailand – 來自泰國牛皮癬的證詞 (Chinese)
Psoriasis Recovered from psoriasis 95% (31 years old)
Psoriasis Lingzhi Has Freed Me from My Physical Agony (26 years old)
Liver Inflammation Liver Inflammation and Hepatitis C (Ma – 35 years old)
Hypertension and Diabetes  Hypertension and Diabetes (in audio)
Asthma Asthma and Pneumonia (5 years old)
TB Pulmonary Tuberculosis (TB)
Leukaemia Initial Stage Leukaemia and Hepatocirrhosis (26 years old)
Diabetes Diabetes and Arthritis (60 years old)
Liver Cancer 张寿权-靠灵芝从肝转移癌中痊愈
Colon Cancer Colon Cancer Testimony By Nelson (Cantonese)
Cystic Hygroma Cystic Hygroma Growth in Uterus During Pregnancy (26 years old)
Infertility Inaccurate menstruation and Difficult to Conceive (30 years old)
Epilepsy No more frequent onset of epileptic attacks
Lupus Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) (36 years old)
Hepatitis B Developed Antigen for a Hepatitis B Carrier (34 year old)
Gout Suffer gout problem at 25 years old. Uric acid > 14mg/dL
Gout Suffer gout problem at 27 yrs old. Uric acid 9.9mg/dL
Diabetes Diabetes (52 years old) – Written in Bahasa
Skin Care Acne and Sensitive skin (29 years old from Johor Bahru)
Eczema  Eczema (24 years old from Kuala Lumpur)
Weight Management Slim down from 97 KG to 75 KG (25 years old from Johor)
Weight Management Slim down from 106 KG to 71 KG (32 years old from Penang)
Cancer/Tumor Peter Neo's Cancer Relapse Story (Video in Mandarin)
Stroke Stroke (Video in Mandarin)
Stroke Stroke – 3 Testimonies (English)
Stroke (Chinese)
Cancer/Tumor Liver Cancer Patient Survival (Video in Mandarin)
Liver Problem Cirrhosis of the Liver and Hepatitis C (37 years old)
Rheumatoid Arthritis Pemulihan daripada rheumatoid  arthritis (42 years old) – Written in Bahasa
Anaemia Aplastic Anaemia (42 years old)
Liver Problem Liver Inflammation (age 5 from Johor)
Pneumonia Pneumonia (30 years old)
Diabetes Diabetes and hypertension (53 years old from Puchong)
Hypertension Diabetes and hypertension (53 years old from Puchong)
Insomnia I Sleep Well and Eat Well with Lingzhi!
Tonsillitis Minor Gastric Ulcer & Tonsillitis (50 years old)
Cancer/Tumor Cancer Of The Nose And Throat (36 years old)
Asthma Asthma (15 years old)
Pneumonia Pneumonia dan kencing manis dan Insomnia (56 years old from Medan) – Written in Bahasa
Cancer/Tumor Ketumbuhan di dada (52 years old from Pulau Batam)

Note: Although our products have cured many people’s illness and disease, by no means that you use the information for self-diagnose to treat your health conditions. My advice is if you suspect that you have chronic health issue, do first consult a doctor or go for a medical checkup. And as you do that, do contact me for a meet up, so that I can also know and understand your medical condition in details with the medical report and thus recommend the suitable Shuang Hor health products for you.

  • dennon

    nice article..
    my thoughts.. cancer is a mysterious ‘thing’ two different people may have the same cancer and given the same herbal treatments but both have different results. This is because unlike drugs that specifically design to ‘treat’ very specific functions irregardless of the emotional conditions of the patient, herbs can repair and revive our immune systems and cells.. However, the effectiveness of the herbs has direct link to the emotional well-being of the patient. If the patient is stressed out or depressed, the herbal treatment will be less potent not to say it will not work but less effectively. Therefore, to be well and healthy.. we must not just rely so much on herbs or what we take supplementary but also to be aware that our body’s health has direct link to the state of our minds, our nervous systems, our emotions and our souls (spirituality).

  • ngaisteve1

    Yeah true. if we take all the needed herbs but didn’t manage emotion well like always angry and stressed out, and mentally like always negative, this is affect recovery speed.