Hi, my name is Steve Ngai. I am a trainer and I found my passion in wellness holistic health in year 2014. In November 2014, I decided to take up Diploma in Diet and Nutrition (ITEC, UK) from Natural Health Naturopathic Academy.  (More information of the modules on this course).



On top of that, there are some online short courses I have completed too.


1. Food, Nutrition & Your Health from Open2Study by Dr. Nicholas Vardaxis - Completed on 3/9/2014. Certificate of Achievement. This course consists of these modules:

Module 1: Basic Nutrition
Module 2: Dietary Intake
Module 3: Eating Disorder
Module 4: Healthful Nutrition

2. Understanding Common Diseases (UCD) from Open2Study by Dr. Kylie Mansfield and Associate Professor Lyndal Parker-Newlyn (University of Wollongong). Completed on 15/10/2014. Certificate of Achievement. This course consists of these modules:

Module 1: High Blood Pressure
Module 2: Reflux
Module 3: Diabetes
Module 4: The Common Cold

In year 2014, I am happy that a consumer in my group has cleared* from 4th stage brain cancer after taking high-dosage of Lingzhi for just 3 months. And since then, many are now consuming this quality health food supplements too from health maintenance to curing their liver disease. Those who consume it are from as young as few years old to elderly like my mom and even pregnant ladies.

If you wish to try and order Shuang Hor products directly for warehouse price, contact me at 016-277 5883. I am the Shuang Hor Authorized Direct Distributor (My Distributor No - 3624538) since 2013.

*for more details of this case, please contact me.