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Hi, my name is Steve Ngai. I am currently studying Diploma in Diet and Nutrition (ITEC, UK) from Natural Health Naturopathic Academy. I have been writing health-related blog in this website since June 2015. Since I also teach people how to make website, I build this website all by myself.

I wrote As this website grows, I feel that maintain the website can be tiring sometimes. So right now, I am looking for ONE business partner to share my website sales income. Yes, I only need ONE person to help me to maintain and add more content for this website. Yes, I do some candidates in my group but the problem is some are not ready, some are too busy, some do not know much about computer and etc. That's why I am still searching for the ONE.

So, what do you get if you are qualified? Firstly, I want to share to you that this website was created by me since last year June 2015. Since then, I have spent hundreds of hours building and writing content this website. As a result, the total daily visitors of this website has reached up to 400 plus.


My website also rank pretty well in google for the relevant keywords. So far, there are 634 web pages from my website were indexed by google. This means that when someone search our product related keywords, my website will appear in first or second page in google.


And we know, everyday there are so many people using google to search. I am not here to boast how good is my website. I know there are better website out there. I am saying these things because I want to let you know it is to our advantage by leveraging on each other. For me, I need someone who can add more quality content for my website. For you, you can leverage on my website to give you some head-start.

So, here is deal. Once you are selected, I will put your name and your contact number at the contact page, side by side with my contact number. This means you will get 50% leads from this website for FREE. And for each blog article you wrote, you can put your contact number (only your contact number) at the bottom of your page. Lastly, after some months, if you do well in your Shuang Hor business, I am even willing to let go my entire website and pass to you to manage. This means you get 100% leads from this website! I promise 🙂


On top of that, I will personally teach you how to develop website as I am also a trainer in teaching people to create website. This website training worth RM 799.

So, what are the requirement I am looking for?

  • At least 18 years old and Malaysian.
  • Passionate in nutritional health.
  • He/she should also know some basic computer knowledge.
  • Advantage is given to him/her who can write blog about health-related topics. You can need to write one blog article in a week.
  • Advantage is given if your full-time job is related to healthcare industry. For example, dietitian, nutritionist, insurance agent (medical card).

One more thing, once you are selected, you can even continue your full-time job. All I need from you is to write one blog article in a week and spending 1-2 hours to learn the products. Well, that's it.

In short, not only you have nothing to loose. If you think you are interested and meet the requirement, contact me and we shall talk over a teh tarik. Once I found this suitable partner, I will remove this page from this website. Remember, I only need ONE person to share my website revenue. Once I found this person, I will commit myself to work with this one person to continue to build and maintain this website.