4 tips to make any home Comfortable and Relaxing

Regardless of what type of house you have, big or small, expensive or not-so-expensive, you can have a comfortable and relaxing home. Here are some I discovered personally. With these four tips, you can totally ‘transformed’ your home to be just like living in a luxurious hotel / resort 🙂 Apparently, these four tips involve four different senses: Sight, Hearing, Smelling, Temperature


Sight – Adjust the Lightning from normal white fluorescent light bulb to yellow warm dim light bulb. Tidy up by removing the clutter and decorate a little. You will see the difference.

Temperature – Switch on the air-conditioner. But, not so cold though. slighly cold or Just ngam-ngam like the temperature in Cameroon Highland perhaps. Mosquito problem also reduced. If your house is already cooling, then you can skip this.


Hearing – Play some light and soft music. For example, relaxing jazz, classical music or instrumental music. Never under-estimate the power and influence of music to your emotions and mood.



Smelling – Aromatherapy essential oil. The most popular is lavender (aka “Universal Oil”) which has many benefits including reduces anxiety and emotional stress.

Even if you just rent a room, you can too apply these tips. Last year, some of my friends went to Ipoh during Chinese New Year. He applied the first three tips and his rented room was so comfortable for us to stay over-night.